Do You Know How To Keep Kids Safe In Swimming Pool ?

“How to keep your kids safe when they are in swimming pool”
swimming pool safety

As the temperature soars high, lot and lots of people take resort to swimming pool, with more numbers of children.

However, you must take some measures when your kids are involved.

Drowning is one of the frequently reported causes of death for children ranging from ages 1 to 5.

So by keeping an eye on the children while they are playing in the water or using some safety measures will definitely be a priority here.


The discussion today will observe some guidelines, and the Do’s and Don’ts for children of ages 2 to 12 years.

The suggestions and tips are based on my own observation as my kids go for swimming classes.

  • Rinse with water or ask children to take a shower with plain water before and after swimming. It helps in regulating body temperature and prepares the body before jumping into swimming pool.



  • Always make your kids dip their foot in the chemically treated water kept beside the swimming pool before they jump in the water.

  • Proper swimming costume, head cap, ear plugs (to avoid water entering ears), swimming goggles are a must have for the beginners.

    swimming pool accidents

  • Use a good moisturizer or a good waterproof sunscreen before and after the swimming.

    This not only moisturizes skin and keeps it hydrated, but also protects the gentle skin of kids against sun damage or damages caused by harsh chemicals used in keeping the water of the pool clean.

    swimming pool accidents

  • We must keep a good eye on your children when they are at the pool or near the water source. It has been observed that every year many of kids drown in pools if left unattended. Especially when they are under water, it becomes difficult to keep an eye on them.

  • Staying at an arm’s length when your little bundle of joy is in the water is also highly suggested.

    Even if you have hired a caregiver for your baby never leave your baby alone with her. Always keep your baby in your view while they play in the water.

  • Select the swimming pool you take your children to has the provision of baby swimming zone.
    And also keep an eye on the cleanliness and maintenance aspect. If the chlorine levels are very high it can be dangerous for your children. I have had my personal experience once my daughter gulped a lot of pool water while she was swimming.

    It later caused her vomiting. So please be careful once you are taking your children to a common pool area.


    Try if possible to check chlorine levels of swimming pool before you make your children join one.

    This piece of advice can be difficult to follow, but to counter the effects of chlorine, you can also try making your own home-made vitamin c lotion. For this you need:

  1. ½ cup of almond or olive oil

  2. ¼ cup coconut oil

  3. ¼ cup of beeswax

  4. 2 tablespoons of water

  5. 2 teaspoons of vitamin c powder

  6. 2 tablespoons of shea butter or cocoa butter or any essential oil as per your preference.


  Combine all the oils and beeswax in a glass jar, mix in a separate bowl vitamin c powder with warm water and stir well until dissolved. Mix oil and vitamin c solution and oil together and place the jar in the saucepan on gas on medium heat. Once the oil and the vitamin c powder solution combines together take the jar out and tightly close it and refrigerate.

Extreme chlorine contact can cause wheezing or asthamic conditions, so when avoiding chlorine treated pool is not available you can counter the effects by taking vitamin c or using the lotion I tried explaining above.

  • Using arm float and air filled tubes for babies and other water safety equipment will also prevent your child from any pool accidents.

    Keep checking their valves and air pressure to keep them updated for your child’s safety.



  • Using inflatable float chairs and tubs in pools in not recommended. They could cause enough damage if you leave your child unsupervised in it. So avoid using them completely, no matter how fancy and cute they look.

  • Never leave any toys which your kid might get attracted to plunge into the swimming pool. Also, don’t use any dispensers or accessory in the pool which might look like a toy to your child, so as to get attracted towards it.

  • However, alert you are always keeping the emergency numbers handy and try keeping a phone near the pool area.

  • You must also keep an eye on drain alert. Many children die whenever drain of water happens, so keep an eye on it whenever you are planning to let the children go in the pool.

  • Avoid giving full solid meals like roti, daal, etc before swimming. Maintain a gap of at least two hours between meals and swimming time.

    The kids can suffer from re flux, vomiting, or tummy cramps if your children swim with a full tummy. Even juices and milk must be avoided for at least 30 minutes before the swimming pool time.

  • Allow a warm up time of at least 15-20 minutes before swimming.

  • Keep a first aid box, always in your car/bag or near you for your kids.

  • Keep the changing clothes and towel to quickly dry the kids. It is always essential to maintain their hygiene and safety.


The above points and tips discussed and the importance of the child’s safety does not mean that you shouldn’t be allowing your kids in the pool ever.

It is just a set of guidelines to be followed for their safety. Swimming for kids is important for both their mental and physical growth and development.

However, a little alertness is needed when they are in the water. Hope the above discussed measures and tips were useful for all the parents reading here.
These are based my personal observation and experience. Please share your views and comments, or any additional tips and precautions needed for kids.


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  1. Alpana Deo

    What you wrote about tummy cramps and and swimming with full tummy is very important especially when there Is a pool party. Kids tend to eat and then again go and play in water. Result they feel weird..that’s what they name it.

    Useful post.


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