Do Not Miss These Points While Buying Lipstick Online

Buying lipstick and other cosmetics products online is very much in trend these days.


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Know these points before buying your next lipstick


Lipsticks are girl’s best friend, it’s a must have in your makeup box. Many say that lipstick was the first cosmetic product to come to the market and since then it has been a top priority.

The colors we wear on our lips define our mood, a swipe of right lip color and some kohl in eyes can give you the perfect look.

 These days you find tempting lip color shade in magazines, ads, videos, in soaps, movies and where not.

I prefer buying lipsticks from  online shopping portals as they keep a stock of all the updated colors you see around from the top brands.



Buy your favorite lipstick from

Buy your favorite lipstick from



Here is a list of things you need to keep in mind while buying lipstick online:

1. Know your skin tone – Hold a piece of white paper under your chin in natural daylight. Notice the color of shadow and the reflection on your skin. If it’s red, blue or purple, you possess a cool tone. If the shadow is yellow, beige or a bit dull them it’s a warm tone.

Warm tone women can opt for colors like brown, honey, bronze, peach, coral, warm red, brownish red, copper, apricot, orange etc.

For the cool tones, colors like violet, lavender, wine, plum, berry, lilac, cranberry, burgundy, rink etc are the best.


2. Know the texture of your lips – Are you lips moist or dry?

If your lips are dry, avoid shimmery ones and even the ones that last long time. Instead buy cream lip wears for hydration and casual look. Cream lip colors are basically for daily wear and nude tones look very elegant.

The nude shade must be a bit darker than your skin tone. You can add gloss or buy satin collections for a shimmery look. If you have thin lips, glossy ones are the best as these add volume hiding all the lines on the lips.

Looking for a velvet finish? It’s best to wear a matte for an evening party because these are very long-lasting too.

Hydrate your lips by using a lip balm so that your lips look full and even throughout day.

                      Are you interested in getting a frosted lipstick?

These are the extremely shimmery ones from the 80s and 90s. Buy a couple of shade lighter than your skin tone to get that chic look. A lot of celebrities these days are wearing frosted ones. It’s meant for parties and other special occasions.


3. Selection of right brand – There are different cosmetic brands like MAC, Loreal, Revlon, Maybelline, Lakme, herbal ones like Lotus, Shenaz Hussain and so  many more. So select the brand that suits your lips and pocket.



When you are buying lipstick online, shop from a website that gives you option to select the price range, allow you to filter brands and colors. One such website i trust while buying my lipsticks online is offers very good discounts most of the time on all cosmetic brands. So do keep a check mommies.


Do not buy the lipsticks that contain parabens. Reputed shopping websites do not keep a stock of the brands that have lip wears loaded with parabens and other harmful chemicals.

Buy waterproof lipsticks and if you are really a busy woman, liquid lip colors are best for you.

Take care of your tender lips by applying lip balm before you go to bed


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  1. Jiya B

    Thses are some amazing tips I must say. Especially for first timers. Thanks for sharing will keep in mind from next time I go to buy Lipstick.

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    I use lipstick occasionally but these tips are worth keeping in mind. I will forward it to my friends who use lipstick regularly.

  3. Vidhi duggal

    A very good topic . You have given very helpful tips . Shopping online for lipstick can be a bit tricky due to different shades available . I found your post very helpful.


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