Proven Tricks & Tips To Treat Colored Hair

Tips for pampering your Colored Hair

Tips to treat colored hair

Tips to treat colored hair


Coloring hair these days have become a popular trend among both men and women.

These colors are usually full of chemicals which can make your hair look dull and frizzy over time.

Well, I too got my hair colored lately, but I am way more concerned with the health of my hair. I have thick, wavy, curly and healthy hair and thus I try all things that help me care my colored hair.

Outside weather also plays an important role in your hair. These are monsoon days here means more humid and wetness. I have a special hair care routine for rainy days which you may also follow.

For those who have colored hair, I understand and share the same level of concern. Colored hair care includes lot of things from using the right product to other healing treatments.


Tips To Pamper Your Colored Hair


Here are few tips for colored hair along with the best hair care products that I use and think that they can be used for maintaining the quality of hair too:



Hair spa is essential

More than good hair care products, hair spa is a necessity for colored hair.

My colored hair care routine includes 1 hair spa session in 15 days. Hair spa have helped me in nourishing my hair, getting them greatly conditioned.

Ample amount of moisture is provided to my damaged hair portions through these hair spa sessions, making my hair frizz-free and manageable.

I also nourish my hair with home made hair pack that helps me save my hair post delivery.  Women usually face hair fall after delivery. After my 2nd delivery i started losing hair in bunches.

Though there are many reasons of this hair fall and for which different treatments are also available. I swear by these 10 Effective Solutions To Control Hair Fall After Pregnancy.


Oiling once or twice a week


I oil my hair twice a week and leave them overnight before shampooing them.
Read the 5 oils i use for hair fall control. I also indulge in hot oil treatment where in a week. 


Sun needs to be avoided

Colored hair needs extra care, and therefore, sun rays are something which needs to be avoided.

Sun seems to get my hair color faded and make the actual shade weird and somewhat unpleasant.

I prefer using hair care products which consist of some amount of SPF that act as a savior for my colored tresses.


 Right hair care products

Right hair care products suitable for colored hair need to be used for enhancing the shine and luster of tresses. You can treat colored hair at home by using the right product. Few of the products that provided me with great results are:

1. Garnier Ultra Blends Revitalizing Shampoo (5 precious herbs)


This shampoo is not only meant for colored hair; it suits all hair types which revitalizes hair, making damaged hair stronger and bouncier.

It nourishes my scalp making it healthy. It contains 5 precious herbs namely lemon, aloe vera, green tea, eucalyptus, and henna.

This is a paraben free shampoo, pretty suitable for both colored and non-colored hair. The presence of natural extracts helps me in reviving my mane to a great extent, within weeks of its use.

This shampoo is well known for its antioxidant power, moisture, great conditioning, anti-bacterial property and amazing shine.

Since colored hair tends to lose the moisture, this shampoo revitalizes my hair and adds nourishment to my mane, making it stronger and healthier.




2. L’oreal Professional Instant Smoothening Hair Serum


This is a smoothening serum which is comprised of anti-volume and anti-frizz action, reducing the humidity action that leads to dampening of hair.

According to me, this serum is greatly responsible for preventing the formation of waves or even volume from getting back to their original form.

There are a lot of advantages of using this serum as I experienced few of them. For instance, my colored portions of hair which have lost their moisture and has become dull and rough got revived and revitalized which is pretty evident in my case.

This serum has made my hair smoother and is devoid of waves, adding shine and luster to my hair. It contains silk protein and argan oil which further makes my hair tangle-free.


3. Biotique Bio Margosa Anti-Dandruff Shampoo



Biotique products are amazing when it comes to keeping my hair healthy as it is free from all those chemical infused hair products.

This is a totally ayurvedic hair care product which contains 100% natural ingredients.

It is dermatologist tested for its safety and is preservative free. Using this shampoo provides me an added advantage of getting rid of my dandruff and therefore, makes my hair healthy and dandruff-free. It is the shampoo that I use thrice a week, and no drying effects are visible.

This shampoo is perfect for daily use, and removes all the dirt, keeping it healthier. So far i find it the best shampoo for colored treated hair. I also use a mint leaves hair pack to tackle dandruff.



4. Streax Perfect Shine Hair Serum



This is another hair care product which I use.

This serum is suitable for all hair types as well as colored or non-colored hair. This serum helps me in smoothing my dry hair, especially the colored portion of my hair.

It controls my frizzy and unruly hair, providing ample amount of moisture along with great conditioning effect which is mainly derived from the walnut ingredients that are present in this.

The presence of walnut oil further helps my hair in attaining smoothness. A little amount of application before leaving the house keeps my hair manageable for the rest of the day.



So these were few products which i use as a part of my colored hair care routine.

Long, luscious hair is something all women crave for. Thus, taking good care and following some regular hair care practices will keep them healthy and prevent hair issues like dandruff as well as hair loss.


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    This post is very much needed, especially for teens who go ahead and experiment a lot with their hair. I see lot of young girls struggling with their hair as they fail to give proper care to it. Hope your post reaches all of them.

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    I’ve been wanting to color my hair since a while but having already dry and frizzy hair makes me back off everytime I think of it.. These are some lovely haircare tips.. And I’m going to include some of those that are not a part of my routine to help my hair get to a better quality… The colored look looks really chiq

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    I love your hairs the click you shared yesterday on Instagram your hair regime is very effeno doubt proper oiling and hair spa is very essential
    I’ve not used any hair serum yet would love to try the porwal you shared here

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    I colored my hair 2 years back and used olive oil to treat the damage… it worked well for me but these tips of your are quite quick and easy to reach for 😀

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    This is a very useful post for all those who have colored their hair and planning to. Neglecting after hair coloring can harm the hair…

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    I wish I had these tips when I was younger and destroyed my hair with coloring products. Maybe if I ever try dying again I’ll have to follow this advice.


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