Watch Mighty Raju new movie at PogoTV

Watch Mighty Raju new movie at PogoTV

We all love super heroes, don’t we? As a kid, I was quite fascinated with superhero stories and cartoons.

And I must admit that even my kids adore super heroes as much as much I do, their favourite character being Mighty Raju on Pogo – our own little Indian super hero, blessed with super human power and a strong moral code.

What truly makes this little boy ‘Mighty’ is his courage, selflessness, and morals, and above all, solid willpower!

It’s Mighty Raju birthday on 15th August and for all of you who love watching the adventures of this little courageous Indian superhero, PoGoTV will air a brand-new movie MIGHTY RAJU: SAMUDRI ADVENTURE on at 10:30 am.

Hope you have alreadt watched the Promo

Watch Mighty Raju new movie at PogoTV

Watch Mighty Raju new movie at PogoTV

For more Mighty Raju fun, tune in to PoGoTV for a day full of his adventures, 9am onwards!

As a parent, I always wonder how do we make our children real superheroes. I sought some inspiration in Mighty Raju, and here are some of the secrets that would spark the hero in our kids!

Watch Mighty Raju new movie at PogoTV

Watch Mighty Raju new movie at PogoTV

1. Play a sport:
Raju plays outdoor sports regularly. It not only helps him stay physically fit but also have fun with his friends. Cricket is his all-time favourite sport

2. Be kind to others:

Raju is very kind-hearted and considerate. He doesn’t look for appreciation when he does something for the greater good. He is always kind towards everyone, including his friends, strangers as well as his rivals

3. Courage and Boldness:  

Raju is always ready for a challenge. He stands up against injustice and risks his life for doing good deeds. Very often he proves to be a one-man army!

4. Help others:

Raju always puts others before himself and goes out of his way to lend a helping hand. Be it helping people in danger or the elderly with their work, he’s always there

Watch Mighty Raju new movie at PogoTV

Watch Mighty Raju new movie at PogoTV

Every child is special and a super hero in their own way. Being a super hero isn’t that difficult after all. All it takes is a mix of courage, confidence, belief and the ability to make a difference.
So, let’s wish our little super hero, Mighty Raju a very Happy Birthday! We do hope that he continues to be the Mighty Super hero that he is and inspire our kids to discover and unleash their inner super heroes’ powers.


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20 thoughts on “YOUR CHILD TOO CAN BE MIGHTY! Open PogoTV To Know More

  1. Bulbul Varma

    Firstly I have never come across a blog like this- its refreshing! and secondly this post is very positive not just about qualities for a child but also can be applied to adults! Kudos

  2. Nisha Malik

    Kids are innocent and they follow thier superheros very closely. I like all the good things what the superheros teach but just worried about the stunts they perform. My son literally tries to copy them..

  3. BeautyMommies

    My kids love everything on Pogo- sadly they are in school when this airs- the shows today show so much humility and kindness – its important to imbibe all of this in our children- we shuould make sure we show them good things on TV because children pick up everything really quickly!

  4. Shub

    I love to watch kids movies and programs because there is so much to learn even as an adult. It’s fun! Mighty Raju seems to be one such adventure.

  5. joshitajj

    It is great that this show teaches kids good deeds, as kids are influenced by what they watch on TV. Will recommend it to my nephews…

  6. Jinal Gada

    I dont know y but i never saw cartoons except tom and jerry but these days cartoons are chikdrens favourtie especially super heroes… bday party theme return gifts everuthinf around boys is super heroes na


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