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Toy Renting


                       Toy Renting is gaining popularity in India and as the name suggests toy renting allows our kids grow differently while playing with many different toys.

 You can get toys on rent from toy renting libraries and get it swapped with another toy once your child gets bored.



Mostly all the toy rental service providers ask one for a year or minimum three month package.

Parents or the children themselves can choose the available toy for a period of two weeks or more as per the rental agreement.

The toys are cleaned and disinfected before being sent to the child. In case of any damage the renter has to bear the charges.

toy renting



1. The good aspect of renting toys is that children get to play with a new toy after a few weeks, which is also the time in which they get bored with a particular toy.

2. Parents also don’t need to buy expensive toys rather they can avail the rental services at a much lesser cost. Another benefit of taking toys on rent is the de-cluttering part.

3. Kids grow fast and the toy you buy today wouldn’t be required may be after six months. Apart from toys these rental libraries have books too for different ages of kids.



So I bought a rental plan myself for my kids after much research (online) and market hunting which is near my block. However, I came across an amazing website called They have pan-India service in metro cities of India (presently), so my area Indirapuram too was covered.

The good part about this website is that it is managed and run by mompreneures.

But as I have already paid to the locally available shop for toy rentals would think about taking their services next.

So, just in case you are thinking and planning to buy a toy rental scheme for your children do check out their website.

I always like supporting mompreneures, their out of the box thinking inspires me a lot.

toy renting website

source: https/


So after the rental thing process was done, we got the chance to select the toys.
So my boy took this play gym from Chicco which otherwise costs for about a good 3850/- but with the library subscription it came for about less than 200/- (as I choose six months plan which costed me about 500/- per month).


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Everything was perfect about the toy. It was battery operated and all the keys were functioning. It had great features for touch and sensory play.

My baby played with it happily for a week after which I asked them to take it back and send another toy (between did I told you they have door-to door pick and door service).

toy from toy renting

Next we got the car wheel kind of maneuvered indoor cycle it had sound and light features too. My younger one is very fascinated with car steering so he played with it until the library person came for its pick up.

My son liked playing with it very much. We got a baby car both manual and battery operated and a fisherprice walker within the same subscription.

They did have some books in the library. I opted for my girl some sound books and puppet ones which helped her a lot in learning rhymes.

books from toy renting

After a month I felt like I should have bought two separate subscriptions for both my kids as they are of different age groups.

These toy rental libraries have something for each age group until they turn twelve (that is before the teenage), post that they do have story books and novels to read.





1. Toys give the required sensory, auditory, and other relevant education to children who is essential for their growth and development.

2. In modern urban lifestyle we hardly have time and capacity to give the necessary environment for our children growth and development.

3. Especially being a working mother I find it difficult to take my kids out every day, or to plan new kind of engaging activities for my children.

4. So here come the toy rental libraries to rescue. As the children get a new toy to play with and also to send it back once the time limit is over makes them learn some essential lessons too. Like keeping them in good condition and playing them and not breaking them.

5. For me seeking services of a toy rental library was the best decision. It saved a lot of my hard earned money.

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Not only it saved me from splurging on expensive toys and books that go wasted as the kids outgrow it soon or get bored with it.

Hope you find this write up interesting and helpful. If you are already using toy renting please feel free to share your experience here. I would be glad to know your feedback.



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