Caratlane – New Shopping Destination This Dhanteras

Hassle free shopping from this Dhanteras


Caratlane-Your New Shopping Destination This Dhanteras

Caratlane-Your New Shopping Destination This Dhanteras


With the festive season round the corner, all my shopping instincts are high and bright. As everyone knows, buying jewelry sure does give a sense of calm to women. It does the same for me as well.


I am a religious woman and I love to indulge myself in the auspicious occasions. With Dhanteras coming, much like every year, I am all set on buying jewelry, especially gold.


For people who aren’t aware, Dhanteras is the religious occasion that’s celebrated one day before Diwali.

Indians from all over the country tend to buy valuables in regards to Goddess Lakshmi. I do the same every year but I had to inflict a few change of plans this year.


My husband is out of town due to his work and I am so not down to going jewellery shopping with my kids. Kids and crowds just don’t go along.

While I was literally fretting about what to do, sure did come off as a knight in shining armour. The website is the online retail shop in partnership with Tanishq jewellery.

So, you wouldn’t have to worry about the “authenticity” of the website or the store. I was literally like a deer caught in the headlights the first time I visited the website.


Caratlane-Your New Shopping Destination This Dhanteras

Caratlane-Your New Shopping Destination This Dhanteras


There is not one single type of jewellery that you wouldn’t get on that website. They have various kinds, from gold to diamond.


 They have abundant options which were what caught my attention at first. They have various kinds of necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings and the list simply goes on. You name a kind of jewellery item that you would want and they have it all.


The thing that attracted me the most were the reasonable prices that they put up against the ornaments.

The necklaces range right from Rs. 10,000 till Rs. 1, 50,000 and more which is definitely a great thing.

You can easily buy a beautiful neckpiece in the kind of price that would go easy on your budget.

I was ecstatic with the different kind of designs that they had. I was kind of hesitant about the kind of options that I would get, given that it was an online store but they proved me wrong.


The various kinds of earrings, from something with a little amount of gold were abundant. I was looking for something for a regular wear but with a unique design.  There were so many and each seemed better than the other.


Caratlane-Your New Shopping Destination This Dhanteras

Caratlane-Your New Shopping Destination This Dhanteras


 They even have a few different kinds of religious ornaments which are great too. If someone wishes to decorate their deities with such, they can definitely look into the options.

Another great thing about the website is that they provide hassle free EMI options.

The entire EMI options are available on purchases starting from Rs. 15,001 at least.  Another payment option that they provide is the “Buy now, Pay Later” option.

This is available only in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai and Kolkata of course. This facility is soon coming to other cities as well.


All in all, It is a good website for buying the ornaments and items that you want for Dhanteras.

It is good to know that they even provide the necessary certificates if you intend on buying diamond pieces.

You normally don’t expect such services from an online jewellery store but this sure does stand up to the expectations.

I am definitely going to be making more purchases in the near future from

I surely hope this little snippet about the online jewellery store would come in handy for you to make online purchases. They sure do stand out in the crowd of the thousands of other jewellery stores on the internet.


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21 thoughts on “Caratlane – New Shopping Destination This Dhanteras

  1. Yogita Rane

    This is surely the best destination, I’ve heard a lot about Caratlane although it isn’t here at my inlaws place but available in Pune. Will surely check when in Pune as they have some amazing collection babe 🙂 My mom always bought something each Diwali. I’m gonna miss this session for sure !! Thanks for such short & informative shopaholic post 🙂

  2. uk8971

    They have an awesome collection and they are fast becoming popular. I have purchased a couple of times and my experience has been good. Thanks for sharing..:)

  3. Mamatha Eshwaraiah

    Those are amazing collections. I have tried carat lane too for one of my purchase and I was super happy with it


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