Caffeine Free Teas By TheMomsCo :: REVIEW

Good news for health conscious moms – Caffeine free teas are available now in the market.  


We all moms are advised to use caffeine free teas during nursing days but there are very few options available in the market for the same.

Caffeine Free Teas By TheMomsCo

Caffeine Free Teas By TheMomsCo


The Moms Co is an online shop designed exclusively for the moms and moms to be. As per their website The Moms Co., are on a mission to help moms make safe, natural, effective choices for themselves and their families.


They have launched two caffeine free teas recently  –  Tea for the Nourishing Feeds and Tea for Acidity Relief.


Since I am a breastfeeding mother Momsco sent me both the teas on Breastfeeding Week to try and share my review with the readers. So now after trying them for couple of days i think i am now ready to share my review with you.

Hopefully my review will help other breastfeeding mothers.

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Momsco products are toxins free and that is the first thing which attracted me to try Momsco Nourishing Feeds tea.

As they say all the raw material are usually imported from Europe and the teas do not contain any preservatives, artificial fragrances or flavor. As per the website  their products are FSSAI approved.

Tea For Nourishing Feeds


Caffeine Free Teas By TheMomsCo - Nourishing Feeds

Caffeine Free Teas By TheMomsCo – Nourishing Feeds


I never believed that a cup of tea can give such freshness unless i tasted it myself. I am a tea addict but this is my 1st experiment with  herbal caffeine free teas.

The tea is purely herbal and helps in boosting breast milk.

I would recommend this tea pack to all lactating moms especially those who do not produce sufficient breast milk as it has all ingredients that helps in increasing breast milk production.

I shared this pack with my neighbor who was not producing enough milk.

After consuming this tea for a couple of days; she confirmed that she noticed an improvement in her supply which helped her in pumping breast milk at work.

This pack is safe for consuming after delivery. A 50g pack can make 25-30 cups, just great to go or a month.

The pack is very well designed and is air tight. The ingredients are all very useful for the body. Lets take a look at ingredients:

Saunf or fennel seeds – This is a very essential spice that gives better flow of milk and aids in digestion.

Aniseeds – Apart from boosting milk supply, it cures gastrointestinal disorders.

Mint – A very fresh herb, its oil keeps your digestive system calm and cool, helps in good respiration.

Leaves of Raspberry and Blackcurrant– Raspberry leaves are a very rich source of calcium, iron, magnesium and manganese. It gives strength to the uterine muscles, very essential after delivery. Blackcurrant leaves are a rich source of Vitamin C.

The pack comes with a manual and preparation is very simple, just like any other tea.

Add a tea spoon of tea leaves for every 1 cup of boiled water, let it infuse for 10 minutes, sieve and drink it. You can drink 1-3 cups every day. Use it within 2 years of opening the pack.

Buy this awesome tea for Rs 699 only.


Tea for Acidity Relief


Caffeine Free Teas By TheMomsCo - Acidity Relief

Caffeine Free Teas By TheMomsCo – Acidity Relief

 Right from the third trimester of pregnancy till 1year of the baby, a lot of moms suffer from acidity.


I still have the problem of acidity and this tea just make my mornings. A 50 gm pack will cost you Rs 699 and you can enjoy it throughout the month, it will make around 25- 30 cups. Since i take only 1 cup a day i am sure the pack with run for a month.


It is suitable for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and any other tea lover looking for acidity relief.

This tea retains its natural aroma, it’s a perfect herbal blend, consisting of lemon balm, Chamomile extracts, Mint leaves and Blackcurrant leaves.


Chamomile – It is great in reducing acidity and heartburn

Lemon Balm– It reduces stress, gives good sleep and cures indigestion. This is herb from Southern Europe.

Mint leaves – Keeps nausea away and cools the digestive system.

Blackcurrant Leaves – Contains Vitamin C that gives immunity and aids digestion

You can have both the teas alternately to keep yourself fit and to produce breast milk in abundance. I recommend these two 100 % natural products of Moms Co to all moms and women.


These two Caffeine Free Teas have become a part of my daily life now as they also help me to stay active and fit,



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35 thoughts on “Caffeine Free Teas By TheMomsCo :: REVIEW

  1. Jiya B

    Oh Wow I never knew some brand will come up with caffeine free tea some day for tea lover moms like me. boon during pregnancy. thanks for sharing the post.

  2. ghazala786

    Nice and detailed review , these products were much needed one in Indian market , Thanks that we have these here 🙂 The acidity relief one seems so good 🙂

    1. Anonymous

      only traces of peppermint are added for the taste, it in no way hampers the milk production, the main ingredients are fennel and aniseeds that boost milk productionn

  3. Mrinal

    I m neither a mom nor a mom to be but i was looking for a tea for acidity relief.. this is surely going to help

  4. Snigdha

    These teas are best option for lactating moms… I too had acidity issues during pregnancy and even after that, I wish if I would have something like this that time…

  5. Papri Ganguly

    Moms co products are truly genuine and opt for mothers. These teas are appropriate for lactating moms for sure.

  6. Devon

    I’ve never been a huge tea drinker but any amount of extra liquid you can intake during breastfeeding is super helpful. I’ll also add that I’m no longer breastfeeding but will have to look into these for some of my friends.

  7. Shub

    So many products these days to support moms in their parenting journey. These teas look so lovely in that packaging and best thing is they are caffeine free!

  8. Aesha

    Have been reading a lot about Moms Co and their products. Teas for lactating moms is such an innovative product. Thanks for sharing the review.

  9. alpanadeo

    That’s great. I am sure for those who moms like to start their day with a cup of tea but are breastfeeding,this option is a much needed solution.

  10. Neha Gupta

    This looks really nice. I am not a tea lover but would definitely give it a try. I have been hearing a lot about this brand in particular am keen to try their products 🙂 Thanks for sharing ..


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