Busy Moms: Follow These Quick Tips To Look Beautiful This Summer



“Women are indeed the best time managers of all times.”

Women, when you were a girl or a teenager you did not have such a heavy pressure of responsibilities. But now, you have because you are a MOM now and i would not lie if i say we all moms are busy moms.


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No doubt you are working very hard. But meanwhile you forget to take care of yourself, you forget to pamper yourself while playing all the duties. So here are some natural beauty tips for you to still manage to feed your skin its essentials, so that it remains healthy and you do not loose your natural glow :-

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1) Drink more and more water:
Don’t ignore this very common suggestion and drink 8-10 glasses of water per day. That is how you will remain energized all throughout the day.
Water will dissolve the dullness of your face and will apparently flush out the toxins from your body.

Tip: Drink from bottle directly instead of glass. You will consume more. I keep a bottle with me in office.

water bottle for busy moms


2) Consume healthy green veggies and fruits:
You should have a balanced diet so that you can increase your work efficiency.
A healthy mind demands a healthy body.
Have green veggies as much as possible.
Try new techniques in your cooking style so that the boredom doesn’t strikes you for having a similar taste since ages.

Fruits are important. Drink juices as well. I know you all are  busy moms but please try to take your dinner 3 hours before going to bed.

3) Have a good sleep:
Average sleeping hours of a working woman or even a homemaker is 7-9 hours to function properly and to look beautiful as well.
Seek peace before 10 minutes from sleeping and after 10 minutes from waking up. Because, if you directly wake up with sound that could causes irritation to you. Even the loud alarm could cause the irritation that accompanies you the whole long day.

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4) Go for a walk/Do some exercise:
A proper workout should be there. It is best if you can manage a morning walk or yoga.
This will keep you in touch with the nature and so your face will not lose the glow.

So my dear busy moms these were some mandatory beauty tips that should be part of your daily routine.



For that natural products should be given first preference may it be purchased ones or the home made ones.
Now, for a military scheduled person it is hard enough to manage going parlors and getting the facial done.
Here are ways that you can use for making the scrub or the mask at home only easily.

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1) Use rose water: You can use rose water and apply it with a cotton ball. This will give you refreshed skin and also brightens your skin color.

2) Use natural facial scrub and mask: Use facial masks that can be prepared at home and are 100% beneficial and natural as well.

Homemade scrub: Ingredients-
Almond meal,
wheat bean,
yogurt and honey.
A – Mix all the ingredients, now apply it and massage the surface thoroughly.
B -Leave it for a few minutes. Meanwhile you can continue with your work too.
C – After few minutes, rinse it with cool water.


You will feel freshened and by repeating this in short intervals you can get a glowing skin very soon.

Homemade face powder: Ingredients-
Masoor Daal
Urad Daal,
Method: Grind all these ingredients in a grinder and store it in a air tight container. I keep the container in washroom and was face with this powder every morning and evening.
No harmful chemicals hence chemically free natural skin.

Face Wash powder for busy momFace Wash for busy moms


3) Cover your face: Sunburn and tanning are also a major beauty issue among women. Now, by being only a little particular about skin, you can escape this too. Just cover your skin whenever you go out with scarf and protect your face from the scorching heat of the sun. This will protect your face and hair as well.
So start being particular about your skin especially in summers.

In summers, rub your skin with alovera and cucumber daily.

And most importantly never go out without applying sunscreen.
STRESS: Now stress is the next big thing that is to be discussed. Obviously we busy moms cannot do away with stress. But at least it can be minimized onto a certain limit.

Give yourself 10-20 minutes every morning. With every sunrise, it’s a new start, it’s a new beginning.

Give your day a positive start in your own way. Express gratitude to god, set your intensions for the day, smile, and think of working more efficiently, forgive yourself for yesterday’s mistake… All these will inject positivity into you and then you will have a natural make up.

But managing all these points and working upon it is not at all a cake walk for  busy moms but at least you should give them a try.
After getting this natural makeup a woman should give a slight finishing touch by applying makeup.
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