Breastfeeding Accessories Ruling My Shopping Haul

Celebrating Breast Feeding week by shopping these breastfeeding accessories!


4 Must Have Breastfeeding Accessories

4 Must Have Breastfeeding Accessories

So what do you think makes women really and I mean really “ HAPPY” it is a four letter word and no I am not talking about Love or kids but something more materialistic …….

Well if you have not guessed it yet then the reply is “ SALE” . Yes, something triggers in our mind and starts to control our hormone levels the moment we see this four letter word signage in front of our favorite shop.


Shopping gives us a new high and shopping during sale is a different ball game all together.

Amidst all the sale around we mommies should not feel left out. I for a fact though of celebrating and bringing in the Breast feeding week for shopping breastfeeding accessories along with few baby products solely dedicated to the purpose of breastfeeding:


Well, here is what you can shop to make your life comfortable and simpler while breastfeeding your little one.


1. Comfortable Maternity Clothes:

This is most important, in order to ensure that you have a good gush of breast milk adequate to feed the little one and so this comes at 1st place in my shopping list for breastfeeding accessories. Many mothers complain that wearing tight or ill fit clothes makes their job difficult.

So, I indulged in some amazing comfortable and loose clothes to wear during my intimate moments with my little ones.

Now, thanks to the awareness of breast feeding many brands including
Fab India have launched a colorful and useful maternity line of clothing.

Not only can you use them while you are pregnant but also when you are feeding your child. These clothes are generally loose and have detachable busts that makes breast feeding a cake walk for most.

If you are slightly prudent like me and do not want to spend money on such maternity collections, then you can shop for some loose baggy size t shirts that will come handy while feeding your little one.



2. Breast Feeding Bras



Now, I realized that though you can compromise on the maternity clothes you certainly cannot compromise on the breast feeding bras.

These are specially designed brassieres that will actually make your task simpler.

Firstly, we all must understand that during the phase  we breast feed our little one, our breasts are swollen and tender.

We need to wear a proper bra to give it support. Most of the new moms make the mistake of not wearing a bra at home as they find the task of taking off the bra every time they have to feed their little one cumbersome.

Please do yourself a big favor by splurging on some right maternity bras for yourself. I picked up some amazing one’s from lovable that were soft, sturdy and also easy on the pocket.

These . So, when you wear them you do not need to take off the whole bra but just detach the pocket so that your little one can suck on your breasts.

Now, I have captured a photograph for you to help you understand the way it’s used. I bought a couple in the range of INR 300 to INR 500.

One tip that you may keep in mind while opting for maternity bra is to always buy a size more than yours and 2  cup sizes more than your regular fit.

Is it already a part of your breastfeeding accessories?



3. Breast Pumps

breast feeding accessories also includes breast pump and milk storage containers


I cannot live without my breast pump. There are many options available including electric and manual breast pumps.

I am die hard fan of Philips Avent Manual breast pump. I started pumping breast milk at office after 3 months. Don’t take stress seeing less milk if you have just started pumping. Take right foods to increase breast milk supply.



4. Breast Pads

These are a life savior. God save the one who invented such an amazing and useful product.

I always struggle with leaking breasts. This is a natural phenomenon and no matter how much you try most of us always ends up with one breast leaking.

The annoying thing is that as a women we have no control over  the same and neither do we understand when it happens. They say that your milk production will stop if someone sees your milk. Find out other breastfeeding myths and facts we women face.

Not only is it embarrassing but it also stains the clothes as well. To combat this, I found this amazing breast pads at Chicco.

These are basically soft breast pads that can either be used inside a bra or used on it’s on with the adhesive on it.

These pads basically soak up all the leaking breast milk and save you from the embarrassment and stain.

Also, these are wear and throw options that means there is no maintenance on it. I simply loved the option and splurged on two whole boxes of them. They are also affordable as a box of 60 pads comes for INR 400 .

Along with these breastfeeding accessories i also invested in Sebamed Anti Stretch Marks cream. I have used this since pregnancy days to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

Remember being a mother makes us a super human and the fact that we can nurture and feed our kids with our own milk makes us even more special.

Indulge in these breast feeding accessories for yourself and make this journey enjoyable and comfortable.

So let me know what are your breastfeeding accessories and what have you shopped for.

Also look at these miracle foods to increase breast milk.


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38 thoughts on “Breastfeeding Accessories Ruling My Shopping Haul

  1. Ar. Shivali Singla

    This post is quite useful and helpful for all the mommies out there. Keep up the good job! Really nice read.

  2. Safi@thebeautyinsideout

    For me, breast pump was the most important breastfeeding accessory. I couldn’t have survived if I hadn’t got those. They were so useful for me.

  3. priyadarshani

    breast pad and breast pump were my saviour in working days now i don’t pump or leak though but still have kept these ..bra used these for initial days and were really helpful in feeding easily in public also

  4. Jiya B

    I can relate to this very well. As all the products are manadorty for me too. I liked the breat pads from Chicco as they were just perfect and good while we go out and had to wear a nice dress. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these accessories.

  5. Aesha

    I had used a manual breast pump but wasn’t comfortable. Maybe I had not done enough research about the products available in market. I had also used maternity bra and it was very convienient . This is a useful article for breast feeding moms .

  6. Zainab (@slimexpectation)

    Hav e a funny story with greats pad! I didn’t know that milk can flow, even if the baby is not sucking:(
    Went to the hospital and in the car my kurta was stained 🙁

    So yes it’s a must need!!!

    I always used a nursing bra too! Good ideas 🙂

  7. Rakhi Parsai

    Answer to every breastfeeding moms prayer. You have mentioned everything that a new mom might require. I think breast pads are the most important ones which not everybody is aware of in their first time experience.

  8. Flossie

    Oh my gosh I LOVED my breastpump – so much more than I ever imagined! Had not planned to buy one but had to, to increase my milk production – best. invention. EVER.

  9. MarissaSanders

    As a momma who breastfed and will breastfeed our third, I must agree wholeheartedly with your recommendations. You never think twice about the clothes you wear until you are out in public and need to feed your baby! Lol I lived in tank tops. As a working mom, the pump you chose can mean success or no success so it’s definitely worth investing in! Pads and correct bra are also a must!

  10. alpanadeo

    You have compiled the whole post is such an easy manner that any new mom can just go over it and get ready for her shopping.

  11. The Cool Mom

    All of these are essentials to me! Especially nursing pads, I ruined my favorite shirt with my first born (before I knew about breast pads). And I definitely can’t live without my pump.

  12. Danisha

    I absolutely agree with all the 4 products. Although I didn’t buy breastfeeding clothes instead wore my husband old shirts .

  13. Darlene Dee

    Pro tip: H&M tank tops are long and cheap and will cover your bump for awhile, and then you can double them up especially in summer to do the one shirt up-one shirt down nusprsing trick.
    Great post, thank you!

  14. Neha Gupta

    Thanks for this list. Its really informative and I totally agree with you on all items .. I am glad that brands have started making comfortable wears for this stage. Can’t imagine life without these ..


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