Baby Hygiene Tips You Should Not Miss This Summer

Baby Hygiene Tips


 baby hygiene

Taking care of a baby is certainly not child’s play.

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The first few years of a baby’s life we need to be extra cautious in ensuring that they are kept away from any kind of harmful bacteria, viruses and germs.

This is the time frame when baby’s immunity system is down and they are vulnerable to fall sick easily. We need to be extra careful in ensuring that they are safeguarded from the germs and bacteria surrounding them.

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Baby Hygiene is indeed a mammoth task but the following tips will help you sail through the same.

Baby Hygiene Starts With Food Hygiene


1. Sterilize their food ware:
Whether your loved one is on milk or solids, it is important to ensure that you serve them food on sterilized food ware alone.

Most children are known to suffer from ailments like diarrhea and stomach flu if their food ware is not sterilized properly.

Earlier, people used to resort to boiling the baby food ware in water as it is believed that no bacteria or virus can survive beyond the boiling point of water.

However, the biggest challenge in this case is the fact that once sterilized there is no place to store the same. I personally prefer the Chicco 3 in 1 sterilizer.

baby hygiene


It’s made my motherhood journey smooth and easier. This sterilizer can run on electricity and there is a compact mode where it can work in the microwave.

What I love about this sterilizer is the fact that it takes only 12 minutes to completely sterilize your bottles and food ware.

2. Say No To Stale Food:
No matter what food you are feeding your love one, make it a point to ensure that no stale food is fed.


If its milk then it must be freshly extracted breast milk or freshly made formula milk. In case of food it needs to be freshly prepared food.

3. Baby Hygiene Also Includes Monitoring their Food & Liquid Intake:
It is important to consult your pediatrician to find out the exact amount of food you need to feed the loved ones. Follow the food chart to avoid any kind of over feeding.



Cleaners Play A Big Role In Baby Hygiene



1. Baby Laundry Detergent:
The detergent or cleansing bar that we use to clean clothes have various kinds of chemicals in them that is not ideal for cleansing kid’s clothes.

During the first few years of babyhood, they have a tendency of putting clothes into their mouth.

You certainly do not want them to put chemical laden clothes into their mouth. I personally swear by the Chicho baby laundry detergent.

It is ideal to use from 3 months itself and helps to remove all kinds of stains and odors coming from the clothes.

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I love this product as you need very less quantity of same and it can be used for both hand wash as well as machine wash.

2. Baby Utensil cleanser:
Just like baby clothes need to be washed separately in baby utensil cleansers. These are mild cleansers which help to clean the food ware completely.


I also use my Chicco utensil cleaner to clean baby pacifier, rattlers and toys. Basically, anything that they can grab and put into their mouth.

3. Disinfectant:
It is important to keep kids stuff disinfected. No matter how many times you pick up their stuff and wash them your loved ones will again thrash them on the floor or into the pile of dirt.

Hence, after washing clothes and toys I always give them a last rinse with Suthol. Unlike Dettol, this is less in intensity and as compared to savlon, it does not leave a yellowish stain on the clothes.



1. Daily Bath:
In a hot and humid climate like ours , it is essential that we give a bath to the baby on a daily basis.

Unless the child runs elevated temperature or advised by doctors, I ensure that the babies get a daily dose of bath.

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Remember, that babies have a higher body temperature as compared to us , hence they feel hot easily.

2. Sponge Bath
As it is extremely hot and sultry , it is important that we sponge bath the little one’s after a long and hot day.

I usually sponge bath them before bed time by adding a few drops of suthol into it.

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It helps to cool the body and gets rid of all the infections and germs. That’s not all, it also soothes them and helps them sleep soundly for a longer span of time.

3. Hand Sanitizer :
Always carry a hand sanitizer with you. Always clean your hands first before feeding , changing or holding the baby.

The above are a few ways that you can take care of basic hygiene for your little one.

These small changes will go a long way in giving your little one a secured and germ free environment.

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18 thoughts on “Baby Hygiene Tips You Should Not Miss This Summer

  1. Nayantara Hegde

    Interesting read. Thanks for sharing. Fresh food is of utmost importance. I actually did not believe in sterilisation and touch wood have not had any issues. I did start using natural detergents like soap nuts from bubble nut wash and krya for baby clothes and utensils. Helped keep all chemicals at bay.

  2. Alpana Deo

    Baby hygiene is always on the top of the list for any mommy. Summer makes it even more challenging. I follow almost all the points in the post. Especially, whenever I travel, boiled water and fresh food are the two things I strictly follow.

  3. Dipika

    You covered it all Minakshi.. how to safe and hygiene up. I remember when I bought baby clothes detergent back then, my maid was stunned – baby ke liye alag se… haha
    And stale food yes a big time No No. I loved the post (as always )

  4. Shubhreet Kaur | Raising Karma

    That point about stale food is so valid. Given the heat these days, food left out for just 2 hours is also becoming stale or growing bacteria. Karma has had allergic reactions due to it and now I make sure nothing that has been outside longer than an hour or two is given to her. Great post and great tips!


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