Baby Bath Secrets My Grand Mom Told Me

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 5 Baby Bath Secrets You Would Not Like To Miss


I am sure; we all have nani’s and dadi’s at home who keep pointing out that their style of parenting and our style of parenting is different.

Now, there is no right or wrong approach of parenting. The trick is to find a style suitable to your baby as each one is different from the other.

Here , I want to share with you a few baby bath secrets that my grand mom taught me. She used it on my mom and my mom used these baby bath secrets on me.



Baby Bath Secrets You Should Not Miss

Baby Bath Secrets You Should Not Miss



Needless to say, we both are blessed with very good skin. So, here is my grannies baby bath time secrets that I have started to use on my kids too.


SECRET 1: Do Not Use Soap Daily

We all use soap as a cleanser and being a new age” brand conscious “mommy, we do not compromise when it comes to choosing a perfect soap for our little one.

So, we end up buying things like milk based cleanser and other items from baby products companies.

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But, what we do not realize is that no matter what we use, it strips off a layer of moisture from our little one.

My granny taught me that kids have a natural PH balanced skin and does not need to use soap daily.  I follow the same process and give my son soap bath every alternate day.  I use Softsens bath soap in case you want to know.


Secret 2: Use Loi To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair

My both kids since birth are hairy. Naturally, as a mother every time I looked at them I used to hack my brain as how to get rid of these unwanted hair.

That’s when my nani’s nuska came to my rescue. She asked me to use a loi on my little one before massaging her skin at bath time.

The loi is excellent for getting rid of unwanted hair from delicate skin without damaging the same. So here are the things you need to know about making the loi

Steps to the loi

  • It should be applied before the oil massage.

  • You should apply it with medium force

  • In order to get maximum benefit you need to apply the loi on a daily basis.

  • You should first see where the unwanted hair growth is and then rub the loi on the opposite direction of the hair growth to remove the same.

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How to make the loi?

This is how my nani makes the loi


  • 3 tbps flour

  • ½ tbsp. of freshly ground turmeric

  • Water to make the dough

  • 3 to 4 drops of ghee to bind the same.

Way to make the loi

Take the flour on a sterilized plate and add the turmeric paste in it. Now, add little bit of water to make a dough. Once the dough is prepared, apply some ghee on the top of it to make the dough soft in texture. You can see the texture in the picture below.


baby bath secrets

baby bath secrets



Secret 3: Apply Raw Milk


We all know that milk is a natural moisturizer and good for our skin. What, we do not know is that milk needs to be applied in raw or prior to boiling for maximum benefit.


baby bath secrets

baby bath secrets


All, you need to do is make a paste of turmeric and raw milk and apply it all over your little one.

You can apply this paste after the oil massage. Let it dry for a few minutes before washing it off with water.

This will again ensure that gradually the unwanted hair growth gets arrested. You may not agree but i swear by these baby bath secrets.


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Secret 4: Water Baths Are Good Too

My granny advocates that kids are born with good skin.  After all, have you ever seen an infant with pimples or dark circles?

No right, well all babies are blessed with good skin. So, do not experiment too much on them as you might end up damaging them.

You can apply these home remedies on alternate days and at other times you can simply give them a water bath. In fact you can also give sponge bath to babies in the evening.


Secret 5 : Goodness of Curd

We all know that yogurt is good for our health and adds a glow to our skin. My granny taught me that on a hot day when kids are sweating, you can simply apply some curd on their skin, leave it for 5 minutes and then wash it off.

baby bath secrets

baby bath secrets


The curd pack will help to lower their body temperature and cool them instantly.

Also, it will naturally moisturize the skin meaning you do not need to apply a moisturizer post this.


Now, I have been using these baby bath secrets and found them to work wonders both on my kids as well as myself. Try my grannies baby bath secrets and let me know if it worked for you.

Please note that these are my views and practices, if you do not believe in loi and other homemade ways kindly do not follow them.

Always apply any new thing on baby only after consultation with your doctor.

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33 thoughts on “Baby Bath Secrets My Grand Mom Told Me

  1. Anonymous

    Nani maa’s nuskhas can never go fail …..
    we all keep hearing now and then but thankyou that you reminded us again and brought us to action to take that extra effort for our baby’s well nourished skin ☺

  2. henajose

    Oh I did not know many of them. Hearing for the first time about using curd for babies. Looks like I was late to find about it. Hope it helps many new moms

  3. Nisha Malik

    And thats how you handle a baby. Very useful tips Meenakshi. I cant thank you enough for giving age old nuskhas to modern age mothers. 😍

  4. Veens

    I remember my mum used to put loi in me when I was in school too ❤️ Got rid of all the tan and the dirt too 👍🏾 Some great tips and thanks for sharing

  5. Papri Ganguly

    My mom also used to make Loi for my daughter when she was 2-3 months. It really helps to clean up the skin and remove excess hair without stripping off skin’s natural moisture.

  6. Snigdha

    Great tips… Even my son is hairy since born but that time I didn’t know about loi… Can I do that, he is 4years now…
    And I apply besan and malai mixture on him before bath and it really makes skin soft and moisturised…

  7. Jiya B

    Many new moms have doubt weather they should go for this process of loi or not. I am sure your post will give confidence to them. Great tips. Dadi ma ke nuskhe always rocks.

  8. alpanadeo

    Grand Master nuskha can never go wrong. They hardly got into any store bought products but still always had soft and glowing skin. Credit goes to the homemade products.

    Thanks for reminding about these.
    Useful post and a nice read!!

  9. Charu Sareen Gujjal

    Quite an informative post. I tried using loi but it didn’t work well with my kids. They used to cry a lot may be because it is slightly rough on skin. I have also used milk and that indeed used to moisturize their skin well.

  10. Gleefulblogger

    these are some age old ‘nuskha’s’ and are never going to die off also, we did the ubtan/loi thing the same way.
    Raw milk is bet helps most of the problems of skin, even it helps in adult acne. Lovely post.


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