Ang-Tatva Personalized & Homemade Products: Review

Ang-Tatva Range Of Products –  A Review


In this fast pacing life, we rarely get time to pamper ourselves and make our skin feel good and nourished.

This was exactly what I felt as well but I was too lazy to opt for the old school home remedies. This is the main reason why I was ecstatic when I got the package from Ang Tatva delivered to my home.




The packet from ang-tatva had 4 products and I have tried my hand on each one of them. Each one of these natural products imparted nothing but a glorious feeling to my skin.


   Kaya Tatva: Scrub Off from Ang-Tatva

Ang-Tatva - Kaya Tatva Scrub Off

Ang-Tatva – Kaya Tatva Scrub Off

One of the most affected and exposed parts of our body is our face.

Kaya-Tatva product is something that leaves you speechless and your skin glowing.

It’s made of natural ingredients which ensure that it is soft on the skin. The scrub is made of gram flour and brown sugar.

I had to mix it with a bit of honey and lemon juice and even a dash of cold milk to make a paste.

I applied the paste and left it on for 15 minutes and washed it off with cold water. The results were instantaneous.

My skin was glowing and the dead and rough look wasn’t there anymore.

Its rainy season already which means skin needs some special pampering other than your regular dose of love.

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Kesh Tatva – Ang-Tatva Miracle Hair Mask

Ang-Tatva - Kesh Tatva(The miracle hair mask)

Ang-Tatva – Kesh Tatva(The miracle hair mask)

Ang-Tatva - Kesh Tatva(The miracle hair mask)

Ang-Tatva – Kesh Tatva(The miracle hair mask)

I don’t have a very healthy and smooth hair but it is rather a bit dry and rough. The Kesh Tatva hair mask is the perfect way to ensure that your hair stays healthy.

It doesn’t contain any chemical instead filled with natural ingredients. The product contains ghee and curry leaves paste along with some other ayurvedic ingredients.

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According to the instructions, I warmed a few tablespoons of it to melt the ghee and then applied it.

I left it for 1 hour and tied a shower cap and simply finished my household work. Later, I washed it off with my regular shampoo and I could feel the difference.

My hair looked shiny after I dried it off and that was just after one use.

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Pure Cold Pressed Almond Oil

Ang-Tatva Cold Pressed Almond Oil

Ang-Tatva Cold Pressed Almond Oil

The almond oil works wonders on the skin. The product comes in small tube because they are made in small batches to ensure that every drop is fresh.

It is cold pressed and is full of important nutrients and anti-oxidants.

This ensures that the skin is hydrated and moisturized without making it oily. I personally love the smell and the results I have gotten from it.


Oats and Honey Soap

Ang-Tatva Oats and Honey Soap

Ang-Tatva Oats and Honey Soap


Oats and Honey Soap by Ang Tatva is my family favorite. While the oats is kind of rough and washes the dirt off, the honey soothes it out.

It is a perfect combination and leaves my skin soft and supple after every use. It is very gentle on the skin and is worth the price.

Now that I have tried some of their product, I am going to want more. I can’t wait to get my hands on all the products they sell and try them out.

I will be definitely suggesting trying this brand out because it is worth the money you spend.


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27 thoughts on “Ang-Tatva Personalized & Homemade Products: Review

  1. Nisha Malik

    You’ve got some really fabulous products there. Hearing a lot about this brand these days. Would love to try them out.

  2. alpanadeo

    I got to try the hair mask and face pack when I was in India. Unfortunately, they are not into International shipping as of now. Hoping that they will start that too.

  3. anamika

    I’m the person who Loves oil … My eyes on this Ang-Tatva Cold Pressed Almond Oil. All the products Seems promising but I want to try first hair oils.

  4. Shub

    Lovely products they seem to be! I loved the Color of Oats n Honey soap. Also, these products are safe and close to nature.


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