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The 9 months of pregnancy is absolutely blissful. The joy of feeling a life inside you seems surreal and overwhelming to say the least.

However the real test starts once we deliver the little munchkins. 90% of women across the globe complain of post-partum depression and suffer from this syndrome for the initial few years of your baby’s childhood.

Post delivery care is a difficult phase for all of us but that should not lead to depression. Here are some ways that you can boost your post delivery care –

1) Steal some time away for yourself:
Post delivery care does not always means taking right food. We should also know how to find some time for our self.

I understand that taking care of kids is a 24×7 job. Whether we have nanny or not, the whole onus of taking care of these little cherubs falls on our shoulder.

The whole day goes into feeding, massaging, bathing and so on.
Still, we need to be just a tad bit selfish and take out some time for ourselves.

We need to steal some time way from the busy schedule and indulge in what we like to do.

I as a matter of fact love to read books, believe me amidst the entire hustle bustle I manage to squeeze out sometime to read books.

Currently by bedside table flaunts the prequel to Bahubali- The rise of Shivagami. I also browse a lot of online baby websites. My current favorite is babycenter.

Reading my favorite book helped me in keeping my mind stable after delivery and that is the reason i put it at first place as post delivery care.






2) Shed the unwanted weight:  
We all know, with the joy of being pregnant comes the demon of weight gain .

No matter how healthy we eat; we will still end putting up extra weight during these 9 months.

In order to boost yourself, it is important that you try and shed the unwanted weight in a systematic manner.

Set a goal for yourself that every month you will lose X kilos and then chart your way to achieve the same.

You will be surprised to see just how good you feel once you shed the excess baggage on you.

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3) Listen to all but follow your gut :
Spotting a new mother seems to be an open opportunity for experienced mommy’s to give advice.

Though, at times these experienced nuskas do come handy, still it is important that you do not pay heed to all.

Most mothers will complain of the fact that they are offered too many advices that leaves them confused.

As a mom you need to understand that every child is unique and what suits one might not suit the other. So, listen to all but only follow what your gut says.


4) Eat Healthy:
Now, this has 2 benefits.  Firstly, if you eat healthy you have a healthier body and mind.

You will feel positive and good about life. Secondly, if you eat healthy , it will also aid you to lose weight.

Hence, it is important that you include loads of salads and soups in your daily diet.  Have healthy food to feel rejuvenated and positive from within.





energy hacks


5) Eat Controlled Portions:
Most mothers make the mistake of having their kids leftover food over and above their own meals.

This leads to excess binging and hinders weight loss. Please understand that your kid’s meal is hers and your meal is yours.


So, try and have meals that are prepared for you in controlled quantity.


6) Quiet time: 
It is important that you give yourself some quiet time to connect to your inner soul.

Take a stroll in the park and spend some time amidst nature to give you a positive outlook in life.

Ensure that you spend some time alone in the park sitting, jogging, running and so on. Basically doing what your heart wants to do.

These few minutes alone amidst nature will help you feel positive and also help you get your perspective about life on track. So keep this in mind while you think if post delivery ideas.


post delivery care


7) Do not compare:
The biggest reason to trigger depression is the fact that as mothers we are constantly under the scanner.

Please do not undermine yourself by comparing yourself  with celebrity mothers or your friends who are new moms.

Each mother is different and each one has a different cycle of weight loss post pregnancy. It is important that we understand our body and try and work out a way to shed the weight.



Do not get swayed by how cool and composed they look as compared to your fat and ragged look.

You will be surprised to know that most of the times it’s a façade they put.

Remember a happy you is a happy mom.

Your child is the best thing to have happened to you, it is just a few small lifestyle changes that you need to incorporate in your daily life to keep all
post-partum depression at bay.



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48 thoughts on “7 Ways to Boost Your Post Delivery Care #BarAThon

  1. kavita

    Post delivery care is really important. I agree, taking out time for ourselves is the most important thing once we start the most beautiful phase of our life. I loved your blog. @ momtasticworl (Kavita)

  2. dipika singh

    Great informative post here for new moms and trust me I am already drooling over the bowl of soup 😉
    Take some time off for yourself is a must post having a baby.. Loved your tips and pictures look amazing.

  3. janecke

    Oh I really liked this post! So important to take care of yourself to be able to take care of your child! You have to be a little selfish and get some time for your self – but in order to do so you have to trust that others can take care of your baby. The father – grandparents – aunts and uncles. They can – but a lot of mothers dont think so…

  4. Gidokblog

    I would love to talk about Nanny. It is not always adviceable leaving our baby with the nanny at that tender age because this is the stage the baby is still vulnerable and whatever you impact in the baby at this age can last for a lifetime.

  5. Christiana

    Nice post. I am yet to have this experience. But I am grateful I came across this information, I have learnt a lot from it. They say to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

  6. Dinesh

    Post baby struggles are quite real.. There is a lot to do and manage the baby.. One hardly gets time to look after herself.. Nice read

  7. Bushra Khan

    Very well written! And I totally agree with your points here! You dont become a less of a mom if you take some time off. A sane you will result in a happy baby

  8. Shub

    This is so so important. Our body goes through a lot during pregnancy and needs to be recovered completely. Great tips!

  9. Sanja Loshik

    Great advises! They are all valid. We need to take care of ourselves first in order to be able to give care!

  10. Sonyo Estavillo

    These are great tips when it comes to post-partum care. I also believe our minds are very fragile because we are going through a range of emotions after pregnancy. We’re often exhausted an overwhelmed. Eating a balanced diet is key and also controlled portions. But, having family and friends to help also is so important. Moral support is very important with new moms. 🙂

  11. Alpana Deo

    I agree with all the points. Post delivery care is very important. After both my deliveries, I did follow all the points you mentioned and they really help a lot in getting back into routine.

    Useful post for all new moms and moms-to-be..

  12. Anubhuti Seth

    ‘Do not compare’ it is an important policy …to be followed throughout your life…once you become a mum. Do not compare weight , height, food turns to do not compare marks and grade and finally do not compare salary, choice of partners and no. of kids 😉

  13. anupriya

    All are extremely relevant points. Books especially can become your best friends during the post delivery phase, as you are not at a liberty to move out at will, but you definitely can squeeze out time between baby naps to read a couple of pages and get swayed into a different land away from the worries of being a new mom.


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