7 Skin Sins That You Might Be Committing

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Yes! There were some skin sins i was making unknowingly.

skin sins That You Might Be Committing Unknowingly

Skin Skins That You Might Be Committing Unknowingly

As a mother of two I hardly get time to take care of myself forget my skin.  It is only recently when I woke up to the fact that not only my hair, pregnancy took a toll on my skin too.  Thanks to this magical hair pack and these
post pregnancy hair fall solutions that saved me from becoming bald.


So now after hair its time to focus on my skin.
Its monsoon here and we all know that skin in rainy season needs more attention. Now, I am sure you are aware of what to do to take good care of your skin and follow some skin care routine as per your skin type but do you know what we  “SHOULD NOT ” do ?


Little do we realize that many of our daily beauty regimes are actually skin sins and in fact ends up damaging it.

Here are 7 skin sins that I am guilty of committing:



Sin 1: Not Using Sunscreen:

skin sins of not using sunscreen

Shahnaz Hussain Sunscreen and Loreal True Match BB Cream


I am a mom with a desk job. So neither at work nor at home do I have to step outdoor for long.

Hence, I always thought Sunscreen was for others who are out in the sun for long and not for me.

Little did I realize that sun has an adverse effect on our skin and leads it to age faster. The way out is application of sunscreen all over.

Now, if you are like me not an avid fan of this product, then you can opt for BB creams with sunscreen in it.

This was my 1st skin sin. After realizing i shifted to L’Oreal BB cream for its light texture.

The hyaluronic moisture aqua makes it light based and gets easily absorbed in to the skin. That’s not all; it also has SPF 35 that guards me from the harsh rays of sun.


Sin 2: Choosing Companies And Not Products:


skin sins of not choosing the right stretch mark cream

Sebamed and Biotique BB Cream

The common misconception we have is that high end or imported products are better and yield faster result as compared to their pocket friendly peers.

This is not the right approach. In reality, we should look forward to buying the best product irrespective of the company.

Like, when you are choosing an anti stretch marks cream you can either opt for Sebameds costly cream or biotiques one at half the price. Both gave the same results.


Sin 3: Decode your Skin Type:

It is important that we understand our skin and know the exact type of skin we have.

I realized that pregnancy changes our skin type also. I for a fact had dry skin prior babies. But now, my skin has gradually changed and become normal. This change in skin type is triggered due to the hormonal shift in our body.

So, gauge your skin post-delivery to understand if it remains the same or has it changed.


Sin 4 :  Avoiding Oil/Massage:

This is another sin that we commit. We think that oil is only for dry skin and people with oily and normal skin should abstain from it.

An oil is a moisturizer that helps to keep the surface and top layer of your skin hydrated and supple.

Even if you have oily or normal skin the oil helps your skin to retain its natural PH balance and prevent it from over drying.

This is crucial as over drying would leave wrinkles on the skin. I know we moms are busy and have no time to get massage done.

I do a shortcut – I take one massage session from malish vali on Sunday and on regular days i just do slight massage with baby oil of Softsens as i use the same on my kids.


Sin 5: Over Touching Our Skin:

Most of us have this bad habit of constantly touching our face .Though, we are hygienic when it comes to our kids, and we pay zilch attention to ourselves.

Our hands are covered with dirt and grime that clogs our skin pores and leads to acne.

I have made a solemn pledge to myself  that I will consciously try and avoid touching my face with my hands all the time. Trust me, by doing this for a few days alone I can understand the huge difference it makes.


Sin 6: Acne treatment:

Post pregnancy our body undergoes a plethora of hormonal changes. As a result many of us are suddenly affected with bouts of acne.

Now, though there are several anti- acne packs and creams available in the market, it is crucial that we choose them selectively. One tip which most people give is using right face wash as per your skin and wash your face 2-3 times a day.

I also use a homemade face wash powder for myself and my daughter.

You can also  use a paste of neem, alovera gel and sandalwood and apply it on your zits to cure them naturally. Also, in case you are suffering from severe bouts then consult a dermatologist but do not self-treat them.

I use Neem and Mint leaves in lot of things when it comes to skin and hair care.
Natural things are always better. I use a DIY Mint and Oats Face Scrub that suits my dry skin

Skin sins of over touching skin

Neem Leaves work as a skin cleansing agent



Sin 7: Over Exfoliation :

We all know that exfoliating our skin daily is good for us. It helps to remove all the accumulated dirt and dead skin from our skin. I confess I was guilty of over exfoliating.

I used to use an exfoliator on a daily basis using apricot powder. I realized that it stripped my skin off its natural soils and made it appear dry and parched. The idea to exfoliating is to do it only once a week.

So, here was the list of 7 skin sins I confess of committing on my skin. Let me know what are the skin sins you indulge in and what are your plans to come out of them?


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21 thoughts on “7 Skin Sins That You Might Be Committing

  1. Zainab

    I think I’m committing all the skinnsins listed 🙁
    I agree that we tend to go for the brands instead of something equally good for lesser rates!
    Hope to start with sunscreen today!
    Nice post!

  2. Mrinal

    I agree to all your points.. especially where you said we should look for products and not just companies! Loved it

  3. Jiya B

    I commit almost all the sins you mentioned above. This post is really great information and a reminder to me to lookafter myself. Thansk for sharing

  4. Nisha Malik

    My skin has become really complex after delivery. It has become very sensitive in addition to acne prone. It really drives me crazy at times. Your tips are very practical. thanks for sharing.

  5. henajose

    After reading your post I learned an important point that costly does not mean always good. I always had this notion. Next time I will cross check thoroughly the ingredients and its uses and won’t go by brand.

  6. worldofmakeupmagique

    I used to commit the sin of not using a sunscreen… now very regular with it and have even seen results

  7. Rakhi Parsai

    Such an innovative posts Minakshi. I completely agree that we happen to touch our face quite often and cause further damage to the skin. I am sure we all unknowingly commit these skin sins and is important to work upon them.

  8. Varsh

    Guilty, for most of the sins you mentioned. Too bad we neglect ourselves so much. Time constraint is there but we need to pay attention to ourselves too.


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