6 Unique Ways To Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday

6 ways to celebrate your child’s birthday without throwing a party


6 Ways To Celebrate Your Child's Birthday

6 Ways To Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday

When it comes to our kid’s birthday, the first thing that comes to our mind is to throw a birthday party. We start organizing the various aspects like décor, food , games and most importantly food.

If you have an upcoming birthday party these 10 hacks to throw successful kid’s birthday party in budget would be helpful.


In all this hula bulla we forget to think of other exciting ways that we can celebrate the special day with our little one. There is a lot more that you can do to celebrate their birthday. Now, there is nothing bad with birthday parties. We all love birthday parties but there are times when we can try and do something different for our little ones.

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So, here are 6 ways to celebrate your child’s birthday party without compromising on the fun quotient.


1. Go for a vacation:

Most of the new age families suffer from lack of time. All of us are busy in our own world. We are busy juggling kids and work and the kids are busy juggling with school work and co-curricular activities.

Though, we all stay under the same roof, we hardly spend quality time with each other. This is why going for a vacation on child’s birthday  really works well. The family gets to spend some good amount of time together without any distractions.

Since she received her France Globetrotter activity box  she has developed curiosity to visit different places. We are planning a vacation soon on any of the two kids birthdays.

Also i think it really bonds us well as we discover new places and gather new experiences.


2. Go for a picnic:

Picnic is one of the way to celebrate your child's birthday

Picnic is one of the way to celebrate your child’s birthday


Most of us are so busy with our work life and balancing our chores at home that we often do not spend adequate time with our kids. The best way to make them feel special on their birthday is to all head out for a picnic.

Choose a spot that is near home and see your children run, fall and rejoice when they see so much nature around them.

If you are in NCR like me, then one of the best places to go for picnic is Lodhi Garden or Hauz khas garden. Carry some knick knacks along with you to gorge on if hungry.


3. Go to a place they really wanted to go:


child's birthday could be celebrated by taking them to their favorite places

Child’s birthday could be celebrated by taking them to their favorite places


My daughter is 5 years and since the last one year she wants to visit the Taj Mahal. She visions that it is Rapunzel’s castle built in white and wants to see it herself.

For her next birthday, I am planning to surprise her by taking her to Taj Mahal. Knocking off a place from her bucket list will really make her feel special and elated.


4. Go to the zoo:

  Kids love animals. How many times, has your little one begged you for a trip to the zoo to see elephants and tigers? Also, how many times have you postponed the plan of taking them to the zoo?

Their birthday is one such occasion you can not only redeem you but also indulge in them. Take them to their favorite zoo and give them a treat of watching their favorite animals around them but before that since its monsoon here keep some rainy season safety measures in mind.


5. Go to the kitchen:


On this year child's birthday cook homemade and their favorite meals

On your child’s birthday cook homemade and their favorite meals

There is something about Ma ka haath ka khana. Just as we love our moms food my kids too crave for food cooked by me. On our child’s birthday I like to make them feel special by cooking things for them.

Right from baking the cake to making their favorite food items. I try and do everything on my own. In fact we have a small ritual at home, we make a full spread meal and serve it to our little one’ s on a silver platter. The kids seem to love this simple meal cooked with love by their mother.


6. Go for balloons to celebrate child’s birthday party:


Decorate your home with balloons on your child's birthday

Decorate your home with balloons on your child’s birthday

Kids love balloons, whether you go for a birthday party or not , it is important that you surprise them on their special day with some lovely balloons. The look in their eyes when they wake up  in the morning and see the balloons all around them is unique and unparalleled.

I am planning to do it on my daughter’s 6th birthday. Have not disclosed my idea to her yet. Every year i try to surprise her by something. On her 4th birthday i bought her a red and golden gown without taking her out with me.

I hope she will like my balloon idea.

These are a few of the ways that you can make your little one’s birthday really special and unique. Let me know what other ways you celebrate your little one’s birthday.


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Unique Ways To Celebrate child's birthday

Unique Ways To Celebrate Child’s Birthday


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