5 Superfoods every mom should take for a healthy and active lifestyle

Many of my mom friends tell me that despite of being an active lifestyle they feel tired and exhausted often and they always wish to lie down on bed whenever they get time.  I as a mom understand that being a mommy is a full time job as you always have to run around your home to manage things. Friends, i understand that you follow an active lifestyle but we also need to take care of our food and diet to manage everything effortlessly.


Healthy and Active Lifestyle

Healthy and Active Lifestyle

I suggest you to add some high nutrition foods to you diet to get an healthy and active lifestyle. Here is my consolidated list of 5 super-foods:


  1. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are very popular nowadays as it contains a lot of nutrients. Also, mushrooms are a good source of potassium, copper and other minerals that help us to fight against many diseases. On top of that, it tastes very good.
As per reader’s digest report mushrooms are full of minerals. They helps us safeguarding against cancer and supply hard to get nutrient.



  1. Lentil

MY 2nd food in the list is Lentils. Almost all Indians and Indian subcontinent countries houses surely have lentils in their staple and it a super food to have it in one’s diet. It is very tasty and high in nutrients.

I always lean towards foods that are easy to cook and lentils are super easy to cook. Lentils have many benefits that make it a perfect fit for active lifestyle’s diet. Lentil is a good source of protein and it is also good for weight loss. Kids too like it.

You will feel full eating less which is good for them who are trying to lose weight.


  1. Lemon

You need to maintain a proper diet with every kind of food types. Focusing only on protein or carbohydrate will not help one’s body. Our body needs minerals, antioxidants, vitamins. Lemon is one staple food which is cheap and available everywhere and that can provide all that.

Lemon can assure your daily intake of vitamin C as well as other minerals and vitamins. Lemons help to increase HDL or good cholesterol in your body. It also helps to cut fat and also improves the digestive system.


  1. Green beans

Greens are always good for our body.

Green beans provide a good amount of Vitamin A, which delays the signs of aging. Colorful vegetables are always good for our heart, eyes, and bones. Green beans have a lofty of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Green beans are perfect for an active lifestyle diet.


  1. Bananas


Bananas are packed with potassium. It helps to moderate blood sugar levels after meals, improves digestive health. It contains minerals that are essential for heart health, blood pressure control and also contain powerful antioxidants.

Banana is the 1st food that i take in a day.


  1. Dark Chocolate

Yes, chocolate. Some who do not know about chocolates may raise an eyebrow seeing chocolate into a list like this.

But dark chocolate consumed in small amount is very good for our health. It helps to reduce blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels. It is full of anti-oxidants and flavoring that actually fight against cancer and infections.

So you can indulge yourself a little with dark chocolates.


These are my choice of super foods that are perfect for active lifestyle. This list is based on my research and trial attempts. Please try and share your feedback here.

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