My 5 skin care resolutions for 2017 – Help me follow them

Skin Care Resolutions for 2017

Well dearies, New Year is approaching and so do the time when everybody makes some kind of resolutions. This time I have decided to make some ponderous resolutions towards my beauty routines that includes skin, hair and feet care. In this post i will write about skin care. Our skin plays a very important role in making us look beautiful and its our duty to take care of the same. So here are my skin care resolutions for 2017:

1. Clean face before retiring to bed:

We busy moms sometimes don’t even get time to wash face after coming from office. We get engaged in other never ending jobs 1 by 1. Last week i happened to talk to a skin specialist and he explained me the importance of face cleaning at night which made me make a promise to myself of taking care and cleaning my skin regularly at night before sleeping. I have already started working on it and trust me gals it only takes 5 mins to clean, dry and moisturize.

Resolution 2 – Use Night Cream

I used Olay night cream in the past but stopped it after sometime due to my laziness.This time I am very sure of using night cream and making it a habit. Night creams have immense benefits. It lets your face hydrated throughout the night which makes your skin look soft & supple in the morning. It regains elasticity and also help in removing fine lines. I am yet to find a best matched night cream for me but i will finalize some and buy before 31st Dec.

Resolution 3. Eat Healthy, Drink lot of Water & Exercise Daily.

Many of you know that i am already on my way to healthy and clean eating and have lost 12 kgs weight in 2016. I wish to continue my improved eating habits life long. I know you are wondering that why it is the part of resolution for 2017 so let me tell you i have added it in my list so that i don’t miss it even by mistake. hehe.
Gals please eat healthy, take Vitamin C rich fruits like Orange along with 6-7 glasses of water. This is the best beauty treatment and do exercise at least for 15 mins. If nothing works just go for a walk. I can talk non stop on this topic but let me move to my next skin care resolution now.

Resolution 4 – Exfoliate Regularly

We all know that the process of exfoliation removes all dead skin cells from the outermost part of your face and thus it helps in generating new cells which in return makes the skin more glowing and radiant. There are many exfoliation practices available. Choose the one that suits you best but start exfoliating at least twice a week. And do it gently. Don’t over do as it may cause irritation.

Resolution 5 – Wear Sunscreen regularly

Yes, this is my last but not the least resolution. You know direct exposure to sun for even a small amount of time can cause age spots, wrinkles and numerous other skin problems. Thus, we need to protect our skin from direct sun. The best solution for this is to invest in a sun screen with good SPF.

So, I hope i would be able to keep my resolutions towards a healthy and glowing skin. Let me know what all promises you are making to your skin in 2017.

4 thoughts on “My 5 skin care resolutions for 2017 – Help me follow them

  1. Menaka Bharathi

    Great resolutions Minakshi! loved reading them. I too have been making a lot of resolutions and this year your post on skin care has made me think of doing something in similar lines
    All the best for your new year.

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