5 proven ways to become a more productive person

In our daily life we come across many people who manages multiple things effortlessly and we wonder HOW?
How on the earth this woman gets so much time?
How can she handle so many things? How can she be a more productive person than me?
We started judging and make assumptions like She definitely have a strong support system, Her husband is very cooperating.
She is one lucky woman whose kids are very gentle and sweet and helps her in daily chores.

How to become a more productive person


Friends, Please stop judging others. If she can do you can also do.


It does not matter if you are a full-time working mom or a SAHM.
A productive person always makes the best use of time.
You do not become a more productive person overnight. It requires lot of practice and discipline to increase your productivity consistently.
If you don’t take charge of your actions; you will most probably leave out parts of life events or opportunities.


Here are my 5 ways that have helped me to be a more productive person. I have implemented them in my life and with these 5 ways  i am able to manage office, home, kids, family and even this blog.



  1. Say No to Too Much TV:

At the very first step, stop watching too much TV. This is one of the things that plague all age groups. As soon as you get home, you sit down and get glued to it. You think you are going to watch it for only 30 mins but it remains open for 2-3 hours. Then, it’s time for dinner and getting into the bed. Same routine again the next day.
Yes, its perfectly Okay to watch TV at times but not everyday and every time. Set some time for it. Like watch TV while you chop veggies. This way you will not miss your favorite serial and a part of your work will also get done.

Become a productive person and say NO to TV

I Agree. Entertainment recharges you. But, there are other ways to do that. Simply talk to your friends or relatives, spend time with your family and you will feel more relaxed.


2. Say yes to Planning:

Planning, Planning and Planning! I feel proud to say than i am a very planned person who plans for every other thing.
I can talk non stop about planning, Friends, Please plan your day in advance. Every day, at the end of the day, plan you day for tomorrow. Make a list. It will help you deliver more personally as well as professionally.
Take a diary and  just write down to-do list or what important task needs to be done.

There are many apps which you can download on your phone and make a TODO list for your next day. I prefer doing it on phone.

It won’t take more than 10-20 minutes and will do an amazing thing for you. When you deliver things as per your list you will feel more relaxed and happy.

Become a productive person and get your to do list ready


3. Say No to Constantly Checking Phone:

The Smartphone is the prime killer of your time. It comes with a number of Apps which lets you connect to social media.

I know, You need to be connected  to get the latest update, to communicate with others. But, there is no point to be on social media every second. We are addicted to social media.
Get rid of this habit.
As per dailymail (UK) website, An average person checks his/her phone 110 times a DAY.

Like you i was also surprised knowing the figures but it is correct my friends. It is such a time killer.

When you go to sleep, turn your phone to silent mode and switch off light notifications too.

Become a productive person by limiting your phone time


4. Say yes to real life:

Focus on the people you meet every day. Be with the people who generate positive vibes. It will help you grow more. The more positive people around, the more your energy will be focused on positive things which will bring good results. Meet with your friends, family time to time and spend time with them.


5. Start your day a little early

Yes, get up 30 mins early. There are countless benefits of getting up early. I had written a post on How to wake up early, read it out if you have not.

Leave the bed, drink some water and do little workout. Now you are ready to execute your day as per your TODO list which you saved in your phone last night.


Last but not least do not get yourself affected if things do not happen as you plan. It happens!
You may not execute your day 100% as per your plan and that is why we do CORRECTIONS and RE-PLANNING.


So friends these are my tips to become more productive person.
Let me know if you have any other tip which can help.
I suggest every one to be more productive and live life fully.

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  1. Dipika

    I swear by your list Minakshi… TV & Phone makes our life “entertaining”, but at the same time detach us from the real life & time management.
    Planning is key!!


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