5 promises every MOM should make to herself on International Women’s Day || Happy Womens Day

happy womens day

Happy women’s day to all lovely friends!

I know i am wishing in advance but doing it so that you get to read the promises i have decided to make this international women’s day. My promises may make you think and you may make some for yourself too on this women’s day. After all world is gearing up for 2017 women’s day.


“Mother’s are the mentors of lives” they are very important and needed in every one’s life. The power and influence of mothers on society have a great impact, but they often forget themselves while fulfilling mothers duty. We as a women need to come out of mommy shell time to time. I know motherhood is an amazing thing but besides all this you yourself have an identity. What would be a better day other than women’s day to look at the gaps in oneself and make some promises to ourselves.


  • Stay fit and gorgeous
    We all know the importance of health but how many of us actually are fit and healthy? Mothers health is of utmost importance. Though every single woman knows about it but tends to ignore. We mom plays a role of hero in her children’s lives so why not get fit and healthy when we know its not a rocket science and afterall HEROS are always fit(On a lighter note). As they say “Take care of your body and it will take care of yours”. Lets take a step in this direction.

    Yes! It’s hard to fit everything into your plate, but you have to manage your life. Indulge into healthy habits, correct your eating habits and make some changes in your schedule if required.  Read my post on How to wake up early and start getting up early, do some workout in the morning.

    Eat healthy as a family.
    Do exercise with your family. Involve kids.

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    Go to parlor and get groomed, i know you would be saying – where to leave kids? But my darling there are options too, like me you can also take parlour services at home and get massage while your little son enjoys his jumping session on you.

    Get a hair cut, get your eye brows shaped which you last took 2 months back and yes pedicure too. You will love it, I am telling you. Make this women’s day a happy womens day for yourself.


2- Friends are important
“Friends are important” and they have their importance in all phases of life. How many of us are  connected with our friends after marriage and kids. At least I am not. I lost touch with many of my good friends. I on women’s day have plans to call them and reconnect with them.

Be in a circle of good friends, there are many benefits of having friends in life:

  • Friendship increases your sense of belonging and purpose.
  • Boost your happiness and it reduces your stress.
  • Improve your self confidence and self worth.
  • Help you from the cope with traumas.
  • Encourage you to change your unhealthy lifestyle habits.


3- Fill spark in your love life.

I know and understand that love is based on sacrifices, understandings, care, faith and trust. As we get another feather of being parent added to our cap, our personal life gets changed a lot. Our discussions revolves around diaper, diaper rashes, doctor visit, baby’s milestone achievements, baby foods.  Rest everything takes a back seat

I want to get time for ourselves(only me and husband), chit chat on the latest happenings, our work, our issues, anything other than kids and daily chores, which we used to share when we were couple without kids. I know most of the couples miss those days.

Lets make a small effort and keep the romance alive. How? The big question… 

I have not thought on the HOW part but it is definitely one of my agendas.

Last week i shared a small clip of our wedding video with husband and we had a good text chat reviving those memories. Completely loved it.  Valentine Day has passed just few days back. I suggested few tips for moms to not refrain from celebrating valentine day.  Read the post you might get some ideas.

So how do you want to fill spark in your love life? Do you have any ideas? Please share. 



  • 4-Do something for society:

Yes, this is one thing i always wanted to do but could never done anything yet on this line.
I have plans to get associate with some NGO to teach poor girls. I sincerely promise this women’s day to start a little work for our society.

If you are like me you can start with supporting needy mothers, contribute food/medicines which will take care of their health, their needs and wants. You can take free tutions to support poor children.  if you wish to do something for the society there are many ways. You just have to get out of your comfort zone and extend an hand.


5-Set some time for your interest and activities
Moms wear many hats and have to tackle the slew of responsibilities every day. You  do everything from dressing your children to picking them up from their school, but you must have to do something as per your interest. It could be anything – photography, painting, practicing yoga, meditation, gardening or anything which you love and passionate about.

Some random tips that might help in fulfiling the promises – 

  • Track your time
  • Reconsider your mornings
  • Take advantage of wait times
  • Practice self care during lunch
  • Structure your evening

So friends these are my promises, if you have any other suggestion just let me know i would be happy to add it. After all this day is special to all of us.

  Once again a happy womens day to all of you.


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