My 5 hair care resolutions for 2017 – Help me follow them!

My Hair care resolutions for 2017!

I m blessed with beautiful thick, curly and wavy hair but off late they have been ignored a lot. I got them broken by using lot of chemicals. No oiling, excess use of any new fancy shampoo available in the market did a lot of damage to my hair. I have a mid length hair and wish to grow them a little long in 2017. Prepared below list which i wish to follow in 2017 to keep my hair grow and nourished:


Revolution 1- Oiling twice a week

Making a promise of deep oiling my hair at least twice a week with my home made oil. I will write about my home oil in a separate post. Massaging the scalp with oil facilitates blood circulation in head that helps in getting rid of infections and other hair problems. Oiling your hair regularly not only makes your hair strong, silky and shiny but also prevent premature graying and hair loss.


Revolution 2 –Washing hair thrice a week

As of now i wash my hair two times a week but genuinely wants to clean them 1 more time in a week. Clean scalp is very imp if you are looking for growth. Dirty scalp causes dandruff and dandruff not only creates itching but also causes acne and this has been scientifically proved. I am also researching on finding something organic or homemade shampoo. Will update you friends as soon as i get some and i find it worthy to share with you all.

Hair Care Routine


Revolution 3- Applying hair mask twice a month

Hair mask provides moisture to the hair. This can be done at home itself. All you need is to have some ingredients with you. You can search more about them on internet. Hair mask is a great way of smoothing your hairs and make them healthy.


Revolution 4- Getting hair spa once a month

I was facing a problem of dry and dull hair since 3 months and then one day I tried hair spa solution and believe me girls it was just awesome. Since then, I do it occasionally. Hair spa nourishes your hair and also increases the blood circulation in your body. It can be taken at home too.


Revolution 5- Clean pillow cover regularly

I normally change my pillow cover once a week but we should change them twice a week as the dirt that gets attracted by pillow gets inside our hair which causes different hair problems. So along with the above 4 points neat and clean pillow covers are also imp to get healthy and shiny hair.

We also need to take care of our diet and include protein, nuts, vitamins on regular basis. Do exercise regularly and take sleep of 7-8 hours. I have also wrote about my skin care plans for 2017. Skin Care Resolutions

SO friends let me know how you find them and do share your tips with me.

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