30 Days Challenge To Stay Fit And Gorgeous – Day 1 starting from 10th April

Hi Friends,
After our successful attempt on whatsapp group to loose extra fat i have decided to come up with something that excites us even more. It was becoming monotonous on whatsapp and hence took a 2 months break from there. Took a break from group but not from weight. Hehe ..it is still there.

Starting 30 days weight loss series with the only intention of following it genuinely. There will be new post each day as it will help us  keep track of our attempts.

30 days Indian diet plan

For those who were not part of whatsapp group but wish to participate in challenge can follow any 30 days Indian diet plan after consultation with your doctor.

Below are some rules. Follow any 30 days Indian diet plan that suits you and be a part of this challenge :

  1. 8 – 10 glasses of water daily.
    30 day indian vegetarian diet plan

  2. Dinner before 8 PM.  Try to have less carb in dinner. If you take 2 chapati, have one.

  3. Portion control. Take small 5 meals instead of big 3.

  4. NO Sugar for 30 days.

  5. NO outside food for 30 days.

  6. Start day with detox water – Lemon Honey Water, Lemon Water, Coriander seeds water, fennel water, jeera water, methi dana water or plain warm water.

  7. No oily or fried food for 30 days.

  8.  Have protein, carbs and fat in breakfast like veg sandwich, idli, vegetable rich poha. Evening snack could be butter milk, marie biscuit, roasted poha, makhana.

  9. Add sprouts in your diet and start drinking green tea.

  10. To show that you are dedicated towards your goal please comment here with your food log.

Staring Day 1 from 10th April

I would stick to following diet chart for DAY 1. You can choose any other diet plan that suits you or use the same.


A) Good Morning with detox water

B) Tea without sugar

C) 2 soaked almonds

D) BF: 1 veg sandwich

D) Papaya at 11AM followed by tea without sugar

E) Lunch of 1 roti and daal at 1PM with a bowl of salad

F) Green Tea at 2:00PM

G) Tea with 2 rusks at 5:30PM

H) Veg Daliya at 7:30PM


30 mins workout that includes following:
1. 50 counts of kapalbharti
2. 20 planks
3. 20 squats
4. both leg rotation in form of cycling – 50 times
5. Yoga – Uttanasana 10 times
6. Baddha Konasana



Will share my  diet plan for Day 2 on 10th as it will also depend upon the groceries available at home.


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30 thoughts on “30 Days Challenge To Stay Fit And Gorgeous – Day 1 starting from 10th April

  1. Ruchi Verma

    It’s a superbbbb initiative u have taken I can only start in June …. till then I love to have travelling to Mom’s place so will eat burp and eat 😉

  2. Lata

    This will get me going! My meal plans will depend upon what’s on hand, but I commit to no sugar and no outside food (torture, isn’t it…lol!) for a month. Will check back with you every day 🙂

  3. Amrita

    Great idea of challenge .I will be participating.I already have 10 glasses of water daily .And seven pm dinner.I am trying portion control and exercise everyday.I need to avoid occasional binges.


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