20 Easy to Find Birthday Return Gifts under 100 rupees Indian

I know kids birthdays require lots of planning and one part of that is return gifts. I have to organize my daughter’s  birthday party in few days and so looking for return gifts for 5th birthday party. Again scratching my head for Birthday Return Gifts under 100 rupees to suit my budget.

Birthday Return Gifts under 100 rupees


I normally make excel sheets of preparation each year and there i found few return gifts from my last year sheets that are suitable for 1 to 15 years kids so thought to share it here with you all. This list has all gifts under 100 rupees


20 birthday return gifts under 100 rupees


  1. Pencil or pen bags:

Age group- 2 to 15 years


Now you can find many varieties of pencil or pen bags. They are suitable for any kid. Bags with cartoon characters, superheroes will definitely make them happy. Also, it can be found your nearest stationary stores or any other stores.


  1. Pencil or pen holder:

Age Group: 2 to 12 years

You can also give them colorful, attractive shaped and sized pencil holders.  They will love to put it in their reading table. It is also available in almost any gift shop and stationary shop.



  1. Lunchbox:

Age Group: 4 to 13 years

A useful and a fun gift. Children always want this kind of things, a beautiful box to take lunch to school. The more colorful the better.



  1. Cartoon character Stickers and wallpaper:

Age group: 0 to 13 years


O, my god! Kids go crazy for them.

Kids love to decorate their book, notebook, rooms, and doors with animated stickers and cartoon character stickers.  They are available and comes in very cheap.


  1. Mugs:

Age group: 2 to 15 years

Mugs are the almost perfect gift. The nice good looking mug can be a favorite thing to a kid. A kid can drink milk, juice or water from it or it can be a showpiece.


  1. Water bottle:

Age group: 4 to 15 years

Another school friendly gift suggestion.  Also, it can be an ideal gift for any time of the year. Go for nice looking colors.


  1. Magnet or Fridge magnet:

Age group: 3 to 7 years

Well to be fair. I also like fridge magnets; I use them to hang up a grocery list, important reminders. But it is a good gift for kids as you can find good looking magnets and kids will love to play with them and hang their drawings on the fridge with it.


  1. Book of pictures or stories:

Age group: 0 to 11 years

Books that come with pictures or presentations that can be an alphabet book or a story book also it can be a very knowledgeable book for older kids. As now you can find many verities of it. A lovely gift to give to a child.


  1. Crayons:

Age group: 2 to 7 years

If you have a limited budget and are looking for birthday return gifts under rs 20 then you may consider Crayons as one of the options. Help the kids to bring out their creativity with colors. It is proven that coloring can shape kids creative side. A proven perfect and budget gift for kids.


  1. Coloring books:

Age group: 2 to 7 years

Kids will need coloring books to color with crayons. They will love it. I know my kids get excited by them.


  1. Colorful fancy plates:

Age group: 2 to 12 years

Colorful plates and mugs or spoons are attractive to kids. They can play with it. Fussy eater will love their plates and may be he/she will eat only to use the plate.

So a very nice gift for a kid.


  1. Piggy bank or money bank:

Age group:  5 to 12 years


This is a good gift. This way your kid will learn to like saving money. They will save money just to put money in the bank. Go for colorful and different shapes than usual.


  1. Racket set:

Age group: 3 to 12 years

Another good gift, as a kid of any age likes to play tennis and it can be a way to keep your kid active.

Go for light, plastic racket or tennis set. They last long and come in many varieties.


  1. Key chain with little soft toy or name in it:

Age group: 6 to 15 years

This gift idea is cheap and you can buy like half dozen in 100 Rs. Also, you can order for custom key chains. They will love one key chain that has their name.

Or key chain can have a little soft toy attached to it.


  1. Play Dough:

Age group: 2 to 6 years

Clay dough is another gift that will keep them engage. Also, it also develops the creative side of children. That is why it is very popular.


  1. Colorful and cartoon character soap cases:

Age group: 0 to 12 years

Make their bath time fun with different funny shaped and sized soap cases. Also, they come in handy at times.


  1. Little soft toys:

Age group: 0 to 12 years

Little animal, cartoon character soft toy can be a token of gratitude. Kids will adore them.


  1. Mini Slates:

Age group: 1 to 5 years

Slate is a good gift idea for a toddler, they can draw anything in them and also you can make them practice alphabets, numbers too.


  1. Small tumblers:

Age group: 3 to 13 years

This is also a good gift for kids. They can play and use it in day to day basis.

They will love it.


  1. Goody bags full of candies/chocolates:

Age group: 2 to 15 years

There is no age limit for candies/ chocolate or sweets. All kids love them including bigger kids like me and you. You can buy a lot of candies/chocolates in discounts. If you do not have the time or simply forgot to order anything for the kids at a birthday party. This gift is the one thing that will never fail.


21. If you have time you can also get customized birthday return gifts under 100 rupees. This is what i got customized for my daughter’s upcoming 5th birthday. Kid’s name with a Thanks note.

Kids Birthday Return Gifts

Kids Birthday Return Gifts


So this is my list of birthday return gifts under 100 rupees. I hope it will help you. You may call this a cheat sheet to choose return gifts for kids.

You need not to break your kids heart if you have limited budget. There are many cheap birthday return gifts available too like DIY kits, candy pouches, cartoon rings, pencils.

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