10 proven ways to improve metabolism in just 1 week

Proven ways to improve metabolism

Improve Metabolism


Metabolism term refers to chemical reactions in our body. These chemical reactions are very important for our body, it keeps our body functioning. You are at right place if you want to improve metabolism to lose weight and get a healthy and active life. There are immense benefits of improving metabolism other than weight loss.

You can improve your metabolism with good food and a good routine.  There are certain foods that increases metabolism. Please read my previous blog post super foods for an active lifestyle.


Below is a list which if followed would improve metabolism fast.
If you follow these 10 advises you will not only burn calories naturally, but will also have a much healthier lifestyle.


  1. Say no to fasting:

Most people believe they can lose weight by fasting. But that is not entirely true. We tend to eat more after fasting all day. So it is not effective in burning calories all together.

Other than that you feel lifeless and dull, also it leaves other unhealthy effects. I strongly recommend to not to fast often. Fasting is not the best way for long-lasting health benefits.


  1. Eat more meals during the day:

Do not follow three meals a day. As we tend to eat more in those three meals, instead eat 5 or 6 meals a day. But in small portion and consume right foods. Healthy foods that contain good fatty acids and protein, vitamins, carbs, and minerals is beneficial for your health. Also eating more meals a day will improve your metabolism and also will give you energy.

Eating more times a day not just raises metabolism but also provides energy for the entire day so you will feel better in your skin.


  1. Say yes to good breakfast:

Avoiding breakfast to lose weight is the biggest mistake of all. It almost kills your metabolism. After 7 to 8 hours of sleep, your body get empty and you should break the fast of that long period. Hence the name – Break—Fast.

A wholesome breakfast will give you energy for the entire morning and will refill your body. Thus it also helps you to maintain a balanced diet.


  1. Say yes to good fats:

Avoid trans fats and saturated fats which are bad for our health. These mostly end up getting stored in our body. And do not get easily burned out by exercise or fasting.

Choose unsaturated fats like like omega 3. These fats are beneficial to heart, brain and also for weight loss. They keep our body healthy and our skin clear. Olive oil, nuts, and fish contain these kinds of fats.


  1. Stand up more:

Sitting is the new smoking- this is a new slogan to warn people who sit around all day. Sitting for a long time is not good. You should take a break, walk around stand more.

Spending all the time sitting and lying will decrease metabolism level. You will more likely to gain weight rather than burn fat. Other than sitting for a long time can damage your posture and that leads to many health problems.


  1. Cut off sugar:

Well, this one we all know but tend to forget often. In order to get a healthier life and to improve metabolism, you have to consume very little sugar.

You have to avoid Soda, fizzy drinks, and processed foods that are rich in unhealthy sugars. The reason behind is that these drinks and foods are ultra high in calories and has very little value. Not to mention the several preservatives. Consuming sugar increases insulin production, and they do give energy but that is for a short time. The rest gets stored in our body and at the end they get stored as fat. Reducing the amount of sugar will improve your metabolism as well as will help you to lose weight.


  1. Say yes to protein:

Protein rich foods are best option to boost metabolism. The main source of proteins is such as meats and fish. But there are also lentils and beans that also contain a good amount of protein. They are low in calories and also make you feel full for a long time. As our body needs more time to break down proteins.


  1. Drink more water:

Water is an aid for almost all health problems. Our body needs water to run all metabolisms smoothly so we need to drink more water during the day to improve our metabolism. You have to drink at least drink 8 to 9 glass or 2 liters of water every day. It keeps you to stay hydrated also you are more likely to eat less.

Green tea is also a good for improving metabolism and also is the best alternative to soft drinks. Other than that it has many health benefits.


  1. Say yes to good night sleep:

Another vital factor is that you must have a good night sleep. Studies show having 30 minutes of less sleep can make you gain weight.

When your body is tired it needs proper rest to get recharged. Having enough sleep also have an impact on metabolism. It helps to regulate it. So get at least 6-8 hours of sleep every day.


  1. Workout:

Last but not least, you must exercise regularly to improve your metabolism. Because exercises will help you to burn more calories and your body will be more active and alive.

Doing exercises increase metabolism.

If you are a beginner start small but start doing regular exercise. You can do exercise any time of the day but if you want to do it in early morning you may read my post on How to wake up early and why you should develop this habit

Professionals do advise to do intensive workout to increase metabolism. But do not start intensive workout right away, start step by step.


So friends these are my suggestions to improve metabolism.


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