10 hacks to throw successful kids birthday party on budget

10 hacks to thow kids birthday party on budget

10 hacks to thow kids birthday party on budget

It is very common that we parents want to do something special and different on birthdays of our children. For most of us it is difficult to throw lucrative birthdays every year. Many parents like me celebrate only 1st birthdays at grand level and after that we always look for ways to throw kids birthday party on budget. Simple, budget friendly but different.

I have prepared a list for you gals to organize your kids birthday party on budget.


  1. Make the desert table yourself:

Decorations are easy and you can do it easily with balloons, ribbons, and sticker.

These kind of goods are available and are cheap. So buy your own decoration and make a beautiful dessert table. You can cover the stands with ribbon then attach balloons to the sides or you will cover the table with a fancy cloth and decorate according to it. The best thing about it that it will look authentic and your kids can help. Trust they will such a blast.

Here is a pic of the table i decorated on one of my kid’s birthdays


  1. Collect some fun yet budget friendly party games:

Choose some games for the kids to play in the party. Instead of buying toys or set a separate room for them, you can arrange simple games that do not need space and money.

Some of them are

Ring throw,
Balloon game,
Guess the name,
Musical chair(All time favorite),
Color the cartoon character and stick


  1. Throw your birthday party between lunch and dinner:

Set out an invite for the afternoon, between lunch and dinner. At that time you only have to serve dessert and appetizers, no heavy meals which kids anyways don’t eat..That will save you both money and time.



  1. Make your own cake:

Make your own cake at home. Its very simple. There are tons of videos on youtube..just search and celebrate your kids birthday party on budget by making a cake yourself. Yes,  You can make a delicious cake at home. Take your kids help in decorating it.


  1. Make your own food or beverage party:

You can buy bags of different party foods but it will be better if you make them in your home. Appetizers like fruits, cheese puffs; doughnuts etc. and prepare juices as well. They will both healthy and on a budget.

budget friendly kids food menu items

budget friendly kids food menu items


  1. Use free printable invitations:

Nowadays you can find any free invitation design online and print them.

Other than that you can also customize yourself.  There are lot of fun and beautiful invitation available for free.

Use them instead of buying invitations.


  1. Choose a simple theme party:

Instead of being too formal as kids birthday party should not be that formal, you can have simple, casual party theme like princess, gentleman party, some cartoon character specific, ethnic, mickey mouse theme..Theme should be easy for kids and kids parents whom you invite to follow.


  1. Return Gifts – Kids all time favourite

Kids are crazy for return gifts.  You may plan some of the following to manage kids birthday party on budget.

Color – Pencil colors, water color, crayons as per age
Lunch Box
Pencil Box
Snake Ladder
Water bottle
Piggy Bank
Cartoon character watches like barbie and benten
Activity Book

Check out my earlier post on return gifts under 100 Rupees. It also lists my customized return gift  (Birthday return gifts under 100 Rupees)


  1. Select a place that is free and kids can be noisy – Nothing better than a home:

Do not expect a group of children to behave like adults in a restaurant or in a picnic center. Throwing party in a restaurant or picnic spot can be expensive. But if you can throw it in your own home (if neighbors do not mind) or in a park that is near your home then you can surely successfully execute kids birthday party on budget.


  1. Set a budget and stick to it:

Make a budget and try to stick to it. Use disposable plates, cup for the party it will be both time saver and cheap. You do not have to clean for hours after the party.


Hopefully, these tips will help you throw a fabulous kids birthday party on a budget! Parties are fun but it is not necessary to be expensive.

Some of the pics from my previous birthday parties that were under budget.

Birthday party games

Birthday party games

Birthday party on budget

Birthday party celebration

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