10 Common Parenting Mistakes you are probably making unknowingly(Avoid them)


Are you a new parent? Excited, Thrilled and want to learn from other parents mistakes so that you don’t repeat the cycle of making mistakes and then learning again?Here are 10 COMMON PARENTING MISTAKES which we parents make unknowingly.

BE ALERT – You can avoid them.

common parenting mistakes


Oh My God and other similar expressions are most common in every mother’s daily routine.
However smart we become and whatever childproofing we do, our children are ready to give us new shocks every day. Yesterday itself my kiddo scribbled my beautiful cupboard (now that is history) with loads of crayons. Listening to this, you must have thought, “What a careless mother?”
That is a common notion. We easily judge other mothers and when it happens with us then we realize.
So why not learn mutually and avoid the common parenting mistakes which we have been doing unknowingly.
It is high time we realize those mistakes and correct them as soon as possible. Below are the points which can be an eye opener for every parent and will help you avoid these common parenting mistakes.


So lets start our most common parenting mistakes list.
Here you go –


  1. The fashion scarves/ chunnis/stoles:

Careful while using stoles on kids

Awww.. How beautiful she looks. We cannot stop praising and clicking photos of our princess when they lovingly wrap our stoles or chunnis round them to play and pose. The attention and gaze which she gets from us make her do this again and again. But watch out, Kiddos can tie and suffocate themselves while playing with these chunnis and scarves. Also if stuck up in any nail, latch or hook as they move around, it can result in accidents where your child can fall against her face and bump her head, nose or even teeth.
I have read an incident sometimes back where a kid died while playing with mother’s stole. SO BE CAREFUL.


  1. Naphthalene balls:

As we become mothers something strange injects into our blood, we become over-cautious for cleanliness. I am not saying it is wrong but the methods we adopt for that can be dangerous, like using naphthalene balls. It is poison and mere the smell if inhaled in large quantities can be dangerous.
To keep our beddings, blankets, winter clothes and even the cupboards free from bugs, we place these mothballs in it.
For a toddler and even the older one’s mothballs seem like candies which they can put in mouth instantly when found. So stop putting the naphthalene balls in the cupboard as kids are very curious in opening our cupboards and if in case they swallow, it can result in some serious problems.To me this is the biggest parenting mistakes with toddlers which we should avoid at all costs.



  1. The pretty plastic glasses and bowls:

Our mind is always on toes to adopt new ways to indulge our child into eating. For this, sometimes we bring in cartoon printed plates, glasses and many other plastic vessels like that. Although this may be easy but have you checked on the BPA Free tag. NO! We easily fall into the trap of favorites and miss out the essential details.
BPA is a chemical found in poly carbonate plastic and is quite common and ubiquitous unless specified by the manufacturer. This chemical tends to seep into the food items and can be hazardous in many ways and can even affect the brain. So use BPA free plastic and avoid this very common parenting mistakes,


  1. Toothpaste:

You must be thinking why this blissful item is on the list? Obviously, no one wants her little one’s mouth to stink. But this hygienic item can be dangerous if consumed more than the prescribed quantity. You must be alarmed to know that excessive quantity of toothpaste can lead to breathing problems and even a heart attack. Please put little toothpaste, in fact, the least quantity, on your kid’s toothbrush, as most of them eventually swallow the toothpaste. Also, remember more of toothpaste doesn’t mean cleaner teeth, it is your brushing technique which keeps the teeth cleaner.


  1. The pens

How many times we by mistake leave the pen on the table and then when your kiddo starts scribbling the walls, we catch them red handed. The pen nibs are very dangerous as they can hurt their eyes. In addition to nibs, the pen caps are hazardous as well because the tiny tots put the cap caps inside their mouth and choke themselves. The caps are actually perfectly sized for their small hands so you won’t easily get to know if your kiddie is holding it. Therefore it is better to tie the pens to some strings and keep them at some higher places.


  1. No he/she won’t eat

Feeding a tot with a meal is like a battle won. These days kids are very picky in what they eat. This definitely does not mean that we should stop try feeding them new foods. Also, we deem to believe that if they reject a food twice, they would not like it ever. This perception is wrong and can lead the younger one to develop certain deficiency or if you are covering the same with some other food item, why to make him/her so choosy. Keep on trying the rejected food in intervals and try enjoying the food in front of the child. You will soon see a miracle.
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  1. The good great TV

How we struggle to take out half an hour for ourselves, is best known to us. So to engage our child little bit we start putting him/her in front of a TV. Out great gadget, TV, sometimes make me wonder how I would manage my life without it. TV has such a charm that children just want more and more and as they sit quietly watching it we let go. We inculcate such a wrong habit which is not only taxing for their eyes but as they grow up they would leave playing, studying and other vital activities for watching TV.


  1. Selection of words

Pagal, bevakoof and other similar words are the part of our vocabulary. Being a parent  using these kinds of words before a kiddie-winy is like supplying the bad words into his/her vocabulary.


  1. When we consider our children as super humans

Aren’t children supposed to behave like children? So why do we expect them to do coloring and keep their T-shirt clean? Or While eating how can we expect them not to stain their clothes? We keep on scolding them and stop them from being creative. This is not only straining for them but for us too, so let us pre-assume this.

 getting dirty while painting

  1. No.No.No

Have you ever counted the number of No’s we say to our sprog? Mmmm five, no eight, no 10. OMG, it is for uncountable times. Yesterday, my daughter asked me innocently that if everything is no then what I should do. This is the question for everybody and I end the blog with this.


So these are some most common parenting mistakes which we make unknowingly. I hope you also DISCOVERED your mistakes, let me know if yours is not in the list,.I would love to add.


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    Very informative article for parents .Really liked every bit of it …I will surely try to avoid commiting such mistakes pointed out by u .Thanks for sharing


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