Govardhan Parikrama – 1 day trip to Govardhan from Delhi

Govardhan Parikrama was a long overdue journey planned by us many times but always failed to execute. On last weekend my husband was talking to his friend who stays in Mathura and he suggested that you can go for Govardhan parikrama by car as with 2 small kids its difficult to walk bare foot. We immediate made our minds and packed our bags to start the journey.  Packed some snacks, 1 extra pair of kids clothes and started the journey.

We could not click much pics because of the kids but sharing what we could manage.


In Parking, just before start of the journey



Travel with kids by car


We started our journey at 10:00AM and reached Govardhan by 3PM, routed through Yamuna Expressway. We took 2 tea breaks of 15-20 mins in between.



A picture of Govardhan main road



After reaching Govardhan we immediately took some snacks and tea and started our parikrama by car. Govardhan Parikrama route is 20+Km. Many devotees do it bare foot. The Goverdhan Parikrama starts at Daanghati,  Parikrama Marg and the first 13 km is walking around the hardly visible mountain.


You will find many monkeys on the parikrama marg. Devotees buy bananas, nuts for monkeys. My kids also enjoyed serving bananas to monkeys. The 2nd part of the parikrama is around two lakes: Radha Kund and Shyam Kund. The road around 2nd part of the parikrama is narrow so have to be little careful while driving. There are many small temples  throughout the parikrama marg.



We clicked few pics on Kusum Sarovar which comes while doing 2nd round of Govardhan Parikrama.


Kuhu looking at the well 

Kusum Sarovar, Govardhan

kusum sarovar


Sun Set in Kusum Sarovar, Govardhan



Me posing and son standing



Couldn’t stop myself from clicking this beautiful monkey family.



And how could i miss this bike rickshaw which we have seen first time anywhere.  Interesting isn’t?

Bike Ricksaw in Vrindawan Govardhan

14 thoughts on “Govardhan Parikrama – 1 day trip to Govardhan from Delhi

  1. Shipra Trivedi

    WOW, I really want to experience this. Recently I visited Mathura and Vrindawan with my son and he enjoyed a lot. Along with a spiritual trip, it was a knowledge trip for my son. I am in Delhi so I hope to go there soon.

  2. arv!

    I have never been to Govardhan and always wondered when someone mentioned they undertook Govardhan parikrama. Thanks to your pictures, now I have better idea!


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